Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another art journal page.

Good morning to you!  I have to say that my Monday flew by.  I was super busy yesterday and had every intention of getting some crafting in when I got home.  Well, that didn't happen.  Always seems to happen that way, doesn't it?  :)

Last week I posted about my little foray into art journaling and STEPH sent me the link to a website that was just starting up a weekly challenge.  You can check it out HERE.  It's 23 weeks long and I wasn't sure if I would be able to play along every week so I didn't actually join up, I'm just playing along from the sidelines :)  I thought I would play along when I could and share my journal pages with you guys!  The first weeks challenge was to spread your wings.  You had to create a free spirit spread, two pages, using the concept of wings.  Well, I only created a one page spread :)  See good thing I'm sitting this one out from the sidelines, huh?

I had so much more fun with this one than last weeks.  I just brushed on some acrylic paint and then added glitter, stamps and punched butterflies.  Super quick and easy.  It could even pass as a mini layout!

I'm still not sure about this art journaling thing, we'll see.  It's definitely a work in progress, like me.  Hope you have a GREAT Tuesday!  Thank for coming by today and I'll chat with you tomorrow!


  1. Your page is awesome! I am still not sure about the art journaling either but it definitely gets me out of my comfort zone.

  2. I love it! Very cool.

  3. Awesome page, Becky! Just like anything else, the more you practice the better you'll get. I don't know if I'll ever like my art journaling either, but at least you are giving it a chance and stretching! Can't wait to see more! :)

  4. I think your page is a great start! I have never created an art journal but they look like so much fun. :)

  5. Your page looks so freeing.
    I was thinking of joining you and Steph in this quest, but I don't think I could do the art journal.