Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Banner Week, Day 3

Hello there my friends.  Do you ever have a day that just wipes you out?  I had one of those yesterday.  :)  I had training for work and it was outside, in 90 degree heat, however there was a breeze which I was grateful for!  Mike was also out of town for work so by the time I got home I made the executive decision to order a pizza and have a picnic with the girls in the living room!  It was awesome.  The perfect way to end a tiresome day!

Today I have a little tutorial for you.  I wanted to share some tulle pom poms I made for one of the banners.

To get this baby rolling all you need is tulle, fabric scissors, a piece of 4x6 cardstock, wire and scissors that will cut wire.  Look, everything fits in your lap.  What a great project to work on while you're watching zombie movies, right Tracy?  ;)

 First thing you do is wrap your tulle around the cardstock.  My tulle was 6" wide and I wrapped it around the 4" side of the cardstock.

Pull the tulle off the cardstock, being careful not to unroll what you just wrapped up, and twist a piece of wire around the middle of your tulle.  Snip of any excess wire with your wire scissors.  You'll be left with a fabulous looking tulle bow tie :)

Next up, take your fabric scissors and cut through the folded ends of your bow tie.

 After, pull and fluff the layers of your tulle until you end up with something like this!  Isn't it adorable?  Almost as cute as my hubby over there.  Ha!

Here's another view of my tulle pom pom.  I can't wait to make more of these.  I'm picturing hair accessories!  What will you use YOUR pom poms for?

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow and see finished banner #1 and check out these pom poms in action!  Thanks for coming to see me today!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I was looking at your pictures and thinking that your hubby is like my hubby. Watching t.v. oblivious to what we are doing. lol!

  2. Cute! Great ideas for use on a banner. I love pom poms!

  3. Great tutorial! Hope today is more relaxing.

  4. love the tutorial!! so fun to see your hubby (?) on the

  5. I have days like that a lot! Especially when my husband had to work out of town. And now today we went to 6 flags amusement park and it was hot. And yes, I am completely wiped out :)

  6. No cooking and ordering in....perfect :)
    Pom poms and Zombies, I think that is a perfect evening, lol.
    Seriously your hubby reminds me of mine in that photo. Chilaxing after a hard day at work, watching TV and checking his Iphone, lol.