Monday, May 30, 2011

To Journal or not to Journal

Good morning all!  I don't want to say "happy" Memorial Day because when you really think about the true meaning of the day, it's not exactly happy on all levels.  I want to express gratitude to those who have given their lives, during their service, for us, here in the US.  This is a day to remember them and all that they gave so we could go on living.  Thank you.

I wanted to share a little journal today that I made for my parents.  They are quite the travelers and they always journal while on their trips.  This was just made out of a composition notebook and I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper and also to seal the paper.  Since they'll be packing it around in the Harley, it has no embellishments :)

I used some Harley paper from EK Success that I picked up several years ago.  Using every bit of it too!  Then I just cut some letters out with my Cricut and Base Camp cartridge.  Ta da!

So, do you journal?  I mean other than on your scrapbook layouts.  Do you keep a journal and if so how often do you write in it?  I use to journal EVERY day.  Over the years, I've gotten out of the daily habit, but I still write in it and it is so much fun to look back and see where I've been and where I thought I was headed ;)  Is your scrapbook your journal or do you have a separate book, like the one I created for my parents?  What are your thoughts?

I hope you have a great Monday and thanks for popping in today.  I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. great journal book!

    i wish i had the time to journal more than on my pages but I dont. i do love journaling on my pages though

  2. I love the journal! Your parents are going to love it! :-)

    The only journaling I do is on my blog or in my scrapbooks. I really need to make a conscience effort to journal. It really helps me put things in perspective to write it down.

  3. What a lovely journal for your parents! I have journaled on and off over the years. Hasn't been a consistent thing for me. I usually turn to it in times of stress or confusion to help me sort out my thoughts and deal with life. I guess I tend to journal the happy times on my scrapbook pages!

  4. Cool! I think we should all journal---that being said it's not easy. I try to write in my journal every day before bed; most days I do. But it's hard to get down what I actually want to record rather than a list of things that happened that day.

  5. Great journal! I'm sure they will love it :0) I use to keep a journal when I was younger and after my first son was born. After that I just never did again. I guess my scrapbooking would have to count as my journaling since that is where I put it all :0) Hope you have a crafty Monday! Hugs!!!!

  6. Loving the journal. I'm sure you will be making more of those after they fill that one up! I haven't journaled in forever. I used to love to write, but I haven't been able to get in the writing mood for years. I don't even journal that much on my layouts.

  7. Love your journal you made for your parents.
    I have kept a journal since grade 5 or 6.
    After that on and off. My younger sister is dying to read the to this day, lol.
    Now my blog is my journal :)

  8. Great journal! I try to journal everyday but that doesn't happen. It's usually at least once a week. I use to to also remember stories and things for my scrapbooks. Not everything I journal is going in my scrapbooks but its a way to get some things out. I do always journal on my layouts.