Friday, May 27, 2011

Oy, blogger!

Good grief, I'm having the blogger blues!  I haven't been able to sign into to my beloved blog for 24 hours and have only been able to leave comments from my phone.  Boo, boo, boo!  I finally messed around on the Internet enough this afternoon and found that it might by a FireFox issue, and tried deleted my cookies and clearing out my cache.  It worked!  I can't believe that after such a short period of time this blog has become such a huge part of my life.  I get support and so look forward to hearing from you all each and every day :) 

I just wanted to share a couple of quick layouts that I made awhile back with some scraps.  These both came together rather quickly, as do most of my layouts :)

Do you have big plans for your weekend?  It's a three day-er for us.  Yippee!  Abie's last day of school was today.  She came home with a reading award and a Principal's Honor Roll certificate.  So unbelievably proud of that girl.  I took her and Landry out for a special dessert treat after school today to celebrate.  We're having some friends over tomorrow and that's the extent of our plans.  We'll see where the rest of our weekend takes us! 

Thank you so, so much for stopping by and I'll see you all soon!  :)


  1. Great colors! I've been having Blogger issues too! Very frustrating!

  2. Great layouts Becky! We are not out of school yet :0( Mine get out June 6th, 7th and 14th. Well, actually the last two are getting out on the 8th as we are leaving for Disney World on the 9th, YAY! Have a super fun weekend! Hugs!!!!

  3. Ahh...Becky, it worked, it worked!!! Thanks so much for your help! Have a great weekend! Oh, and super cute layout! :D

  4. So glad you figured out the blogger problem. You go girl! :-)

    Love the layouts. I especially love the doily and tag in the second layout. Great job! :-)

  5. My internet has been giving me grief. I commented last night and then it went down. Everyone else in the family had it, just not my laptop :(
    Your layouts are wonderful.
    I want a playhouse like that. So fun for the girls. My girls got the cardboard box the big screen came in,lol.

  6. Both of your layouts turned out great! I really should dig into my scrap pile more often. If they came together quickly it's totally worth getting out the scraps! Sorry you are having blogger issues. I've been having trouble leaving comments on some blogs so you are not alone. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I've been having blogger issues too When I went to post yesterday it had an error and I had to retype everything because it didn't save when it said it did and it said it posted when it didn't...Glad you figured yours out. Nice layouts! I've been trying to use my scraps too.

  8. very cute layouts! i have been going crazy with blogger. i was using internet express and i was having all the problems--i then used firefox and that worked but then my ie was working --crazy--

    hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!