Monday, April 4, 2011

Another productive one!

Can you believe it's Monday again?  We had a great weekend, the weather was great and we were able to spend a lot of time outside.  We had a fire with the neighbors Saturday night and the kids made smores and Mike actually had to mow for the first time yesterday!  However, it's supposed to be 49 today and 29 tomorrow morning.  That's life in Missouri for ya!  I'm just thrilled for the weather this past weekend and soaked up every second of it.

In other news, I was productive again on the layout front and I finished up Abie's layouts!!!!!  I'm one step closer to buying new product.  Now all I have to do is work on our vacation album from last summer and I'll be ready to shop! 

I have a card to share with you today.  Abie went to a sleepover Saturday night and this was the card I made.  I attached the gift card to the inside.

I wanted to add the cake slice in a fourth color, but it just would fit.  Unfortunately I found this out the hard way and ended up throwing away my first card :)  Happens to the best of us.  I stared at it for awhile trying to figure out a way to make it work or wondering if there was another way to use it.  Overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Did you have a good weekend?  Are signs of spring showing up in your neighborhood?  I'm hoping to get my album done this week, I have money burning a hole in my pocket!  Haha!  Thanks for stopping by today and I'll talk with you again tomorrow!


  1. jealous of your nice weather. it was chilly and rainy all weekend. today we are in the 70's but bad storms all day.

    very cute card--yup we are back on track--you have a great card and i have a layout! all is well again!~ hehehehehe

  2. I think it turned out great. The colors work well together.

  3. I love how your card turned out. It looks great. I was very productive and we had some good weather. Nasty day today with rain and thunderstorms and tornado warnings but it sure was nice to see the sun over the weekend. I hope you get to go shopping soon! :)

  4. Cute card! It is suppose to hit the 80's today. Wahoo! So ready for Spring, minus the allergies.

  5. I love the card and four slices would not have worked nearly as well as three! I learned along time ago that our eye likes groups of threes, fives, sevens, etc. for some reason better than groups of even numbers of things. So there was a reason you couldn't make four work..there! do you feel better? Lol!! Seriously I love this card. So glad I live in the south-I just do not like cold weather!! We are only going to hit about 77 today since a storm is rolling through.
    Hoping to get scrappy here in a while!

  6. Love this card. So simple but really pretty. And I love the colors you chose.

  7. So cute Becky! Love the little slices of cake :0)

  8. Saturday was a beautiful day here,inlaws went to the cottage and had a fire as well, then it went to h-ll in a handbasket sunday, lol.
    Your card is so cute.
    LOL about the Black is really good.