Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Finished Rolodex!!!

Well, I finished my stamp index Rolodex...finally!  I am so happy with it and am loving the way it works.  I thought I would post a few more pictures today of the finished product and also discuss some other issues with it.

 Here's a look at all my dividers.  Aren't they pretty?  :)  I adhered my cardstock directly to the plastic dividers that came with my Rolodex. 

Here's a closer picture.  I punched out a tab from my Stampin' Up! Round Tab Punch and labeled it before adhering it to my divider. 

Now, a couple of other things that came up during this project.  When I had big stamps, like background images that wouldn't fit I stamped just what would fit.  Like this:
Also, if I had several small images that fit within the same category that were from the same stamp set, I stamped them on the same card.  Like this:
Now, this project took me a long time to finish only because I worked on it for a couple of hours each night instead of big blocks of time.  It was well worth it though.  I'm hoping to keep up on it though and stamp new cards each time I buy a new stamp set.  If you want some more information about this, HERE is the blog where I first saw this idea and HERE is my first blog post about my Rolodex.

Thanks for stopping by today and I'll chat with you tomorrow!


  1. Nice job! It must feel great to be finished!

  2. That is a big job, nicely done.
    Bet your glad to be completed it :)
    My stamps are all in their original packaging, in a box and I flip though the stamps...thankfully that works for me.

  3. That came out great! I haven't started mine yet but have it on my LONG to do list.

  4. Yeah for finishing a project! That is a great resource. Hope it helps you use your stamps more often.

  5. I love to see how other crafters organize their supplies -
    Your rolodex is awesome! And love the cute little tabs! :o)

  6. What a great idea! You've accomplished quite a feat! Don't know if I'm up to that task but congrats to you.

  7. It turned out great! I sat down last Friday night with my oldest son, Maverick, to watch Ghost Adventures and decided to catalog my stamps after seeing your first post. I just took white 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and stamped away to put them in page protector sleeves for a binder. I'll have to do a video or photos to show it. I like the way it turned out. Thanks for the push! :0)

  8. Oh, that looks great!!! It's such a great way to be able to see what you have and use them more easily on a project... If I had more stamps (I wish I knew how to use better), I would totally steal your idea (shamelessly with that!).

    As for Gaston (my cat), he never got misted but he jumped on a freshly sprayed LO once... I had to clean up his paws. Ahah :)