Thursday, December 30, 2010

A layout!

Oh my goodness, I'm posting a layout today folks!  No, don't leave, you're in the right place and no, I'm not sick.  I just 1) had the time to make one and 2) took enough pics until I found one that wasn't horrible.  That's been my issue, I don't typically post layouts because I don't really take good pictures of them.  Does that make sense?  I worked on this one a bit yesterday and got to use my new punch from Joann's.  I heart it A LOT!  I thought it was just a border punch, but it's not, it actually punches out the whole piece.  I'm not making any sense today, maybe I need more coffee :-) 
Check out that little rosette, I made that sucker!  I've seen them all over the place (including the trim on yesterdays card) and finally made one.  So stinkin' easy, I couldn't believe it.  I'm going to be making a lot more of these.

Thanks for coming by today!  I hope you have an awesome Thursday friends!


  1. Love the rosette! I think you have inspired me to try my hand at making one!!

  2. very cute! i love that punch! i use mine all the time!

  3. Ah, this is so sweet! I love your rosette! I got a new punch at Joann's the other day too. I just need to actually use it on a layout! Soon... :)

  4. Love the border punch! Great LO!! TFS.

  5. Your layout is adorable, such cute girls.
    Is the rossette made with paper or fabric?

    Last season of Alias for us :)

  6. Love the rosette! So pretty! The strips are fabulous!