Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yes, that's a word here in Beckyville, where I live.  Lots of things are fabulous in my book.  Like my new watch and boots Mike got me for Christmas, like getting all my Christmas decorations down yesterday, (minus the one big tree in the living room which will stay up until New Year's Day because I once heard it was bad luck to take it down before, but I may just be making that up) and getting to drink caffeine late in the day because you can stay up late since your on vacation all week!  Oh yeah, an run on sentences.  :-)

After the girls and I got the decorations put away yesterday, we cleaned up the craft area and I got to work on a new card.  My PTI order came in last week and I couldn't wait to use some of those stamps! 
I stamped the dress form and sentiment in CTMH White Daisy ink and the polka dots in PTI's Sweet Blush ink, but the pink ink looks almost as white as the white ink.  Go figure.  Not exactly the look I was going for here, but it will do, it's still fabulous to me!  I'm loving that dress form and the best part was that the form and four sentiments were only $5!!!!!  CHEAP-O-RAMA! 

So Mike walks in from work last night and his phone rings, one of the guys ran out of gas and the nearest gas station to him was 7 miles away.  Mike says he'll bring him some gas 1) so the guy doesn't have to walk 7 miles in freezing temperatures and 2) so they don't have to pay the roadside service an arm and a leg to come out to them, but the guy is in Kansas.  We live right on the border of Missouri and Kansas so it's not too far.  Mike says, you guys want to go, we can eat out?  Heck ya I want to go, I've been bustin' my tail all day taking the decorations down, last thing I want to do is cook.  So we load up, drive to Kansas give the guy some gas, then the truck won't start because  he'd been sitting there with his lights on the whole time and had run the battery down....  Mike didn't have jumper cables with him so he had to call their roadside people to come help, which costs A LOT of money for the company.  :-(  Well, we go to dinner, Jack in the Box.  Have you ever eaten there?  It was our first time.  Not horrible, I must say.  Before we leave, Mike calls to check on the driver and he said the roadside guy still wasn't there so Mike buys the driver dinner and we take it back to him.  By the time we get there, the roadside guy is there and the truck has been jumped.  We then headed on home.  What a night!


  1. very cute card! i just love paper trey ink--i am addicted to their buttons-such great colors!

    i too got all my decorations down! i am loving the nice clean open space again!

  2. I have never heard of the "bad luck to take down the tree" but my mom may have. She never took it down before March, LOL.
    I do wait until after New Years to take mine down as well. But I don't put it up until 12 days before Christmas, so I 'm not sick of it yet ;)

    Love your card. Very nice.

  3. Super cute card. I love the felt!!

  4. Cute card. Sounds like an eventful evening.

  5. What a crazy night! I like to take my tree down the day after Christmas, but I'm too busy this week, so it's gonna stay up for another few days! I guess that's a good thing just in case it's bad luck to take it down before the new year!! ;)

    Love the card and the colors!

  6. Haven't heard the bad luck thing either, but my mom's mantra was must be down before St Patricks Day! (We procrastinate alot). Great Card!