Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh Thursday, how I love thee!

So, I stayed home yesterday.  Landry was complaining of an earache, no fever, but I took her to see the doctor anyway.  We got her some ear drops and all is well.  I tried to make the most of my day at home, you know, laundry, cleaning house, taking down Halloween decorations.  But most importantly, during nap time, I got down into my craft room!  I worked on some stuff for next week that I'm super excited about it! 

Have you guys seen these stamps?  I ran into them the other day at Archiver's and fell in love!  I thought I would heat emboss them on dark green paper with gold embossing powder and make gift tags for Christmas.  BUT after what happened the other day with my new Santa stamp and the Chewbaca issue, I'm not so sure now.  I was just playing around with these over the weekend and I thought you might like to see what the images actually look like, stamped on something.
All I did was stamp these on shipping tags (got the idea to buy these from here) with Colorbox Charcoal ink.  These are in no way a completed project.  I just thought these images were way cool once they were stamped and thought I would share and possible enable a bit!  Ha!

Hope you all enjoy your Thursday as much as I plan enjoying mine!  Thanks for stopping by!  All of the comments mean so much!  It's so nice to hear from everyone, puts a smile on my face!  See you tomorrow!


  1. Those are great! I need to go shopping with you. You always find great stuff. Hope your little one feels better soon. Love her name.

  2. I love the old time Santa look! I think these will be fabulous and hope you repost when they are done!!!

  3. I so need these stamps like yesterday... Thanks for posting them.. I simply love them. Hugs

  4. awesome is all i can say... great idea i love the cards.. are the tage from staples... keep up the great work thanks....

  5. I LOVE those stamps! Looks like a great start -yYou should finish them and link them up at my link party here:


  6. These images are wonderful. Glad your daughter is fine, ear aches really hurt.
    I love getting comments, I check my blog regularly for them, Thanks for leaving my bloggy love :)