Friday, November 12, 2010

Best day eva!

Happy Friday folks!  I want to tell you about my Best day eva yesterday.  Mike and I both had the day off and after dropping the kids off at school and preschool, we headed to breakfast.  We made sure and went to a real "adult like" place, you know, somewhere you would never take the kids.  (smile)  Then we got the nasty business of the grocery shopping out of the way (blech).  We spent the rest of the day Christmas shopping.  It was great!  We had no kids tying us down, and it was ironic, because we were shopping for them!  We stopped for lunch, again a real "adult like" place, and made a few more stops at stores where we never take the kids, like World Market.  (smiling again)  It was just such a great day, hanging out together.  It's nice to check in with each other and make sure we're still compatible every now and again, don't ya think?  Just to make sure we're headed in the same direction.

Up today, I have one of those projects that just pops in your head and you have a vision of it and you sure hope it turns out the way you envisioned it.  You know what I mean?  I made these note cards for my sister as a Hostess gift for Thanksgiving and I needed a bag to put them in.  Well, I couldn't just give them to her in a naked bag, I needed a tag for it right?  So this is what I came up with.
I just love this!  I wish I had more naked bags to make these for...

I'm outta here for today.  I wanted to say thank you for all the super sweet comments from yesterday for my Dad.  You guys are the best!  Have a fab Friday and thanks for dropping in!

Stamps:  PTI
Ink:  PTI
Paper:  Hobby Lobby
Other:  Martha Stewart glitter, PTI buttons and twine


  1. That does sound like a great day! Love the bags- maybe the $1 store would have some more.

  2. Glad you and hubby are still compatible LOL.
    Hubby gets a couple month off in Jan and Feb. We are still compatible, but I am ready for him to go back to work before his holidays are over, LOL

  3. That does sound like a fantastic day! Love your naked bag embellishments. Target has some of the best bags.

  4. Your day does sound perfect! My dad is also a Vietman Vet, and I definitely made sure to give him a hug and a thank you!

    Love your bags too! :)