Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Happy hump day everyone!  I just love Wednesday, it's the halfway point.  A sign that we're almost there, you know, to the weekend.  This Wednesday is particularly exciting because I'm only working a half day and going to Abie's party at school, which is always a good time!  Do you guys have any big plans for this fabulous Wednesday?
I have a confession to make.  I love Papertrey Ink.  I love their customer service, design team, products, colors, stamps, quality, basically everything!  I placed an order with their last release and it was delivered on Saturday.  Oh happy day!  Can you just imagine my excitement?  Husband gone + new box of craft goodies + Saturday afternoon = pure joy!  So, do you wanna see what I got?

Here's the precious box.  It's just like Christmas, right?
Aaaahhhh!  I get so excited when I open that box the first time!  Look at all my new goodies!!!!!
Simply Chartreuse buttons.  Their buttons are an awesome deal.  $5 for a bag and you get a ton!  I love their buttons!
This is one of their new colors, Blueberry Sky.  Isn't it pretty?  Great for winter projects but I think it will be awesome for spring and summer too!
This is the other new color they released this month, Pinefeather.  It's a really dark green.  The buttons are gorgeous! Now I think this is definitely more of a winter color.  Can't you just picture this with cream?  Mmm.
This is the stamp set I bought this month, On Ice.  How much fun is this?  Those little rectangles are socks that fit on top of the skates.  Lovin' the font on the sentiments too!
How about this?  This is the coordinating die for the above stamp set!  So you stamp your skate and then cut it out, perfectly, every time!  Can't wait to use this!!!!
Now these were what I was really most excited for this month!  Limitless Layers dies.  Aren't they lovely?  Have you seen those Martha Stewart doilies?  The little ones?  That's why I wanted these, so I could make my own!
Here's a picture of the PTI die next to the Martha doily just so you can see a difference in size.
And, here's a picture of the PTI die on top of the Martha doily, for reference.

Aaahh, what a great delivery it was Saturday.  What great things do you have coming in the mail that you're excited about?


  1. Great goodies! Love the dies that you selected. Will have to check their site!

  2. I Love PTI...looks like you got some great stuff from there :)

  3. oh how i love PTI. I love their buttons--they are just the best. I have several colors on my wish list from hubby for christmas! i too love their dies and matching stamps--just way to cute! have fun playing with all your goodies!

  4. I love happy mail!
    Looks like you are going to have fun playing.