Monday, April 20, 2015

Embossed thank you cards.

Happy Monday!  Sorry for the long absence here.  I've started a new instagram account just for my crafty projects and I've been posting more over there,  @fourthouseontheright

Today I wanted to share two cards I made for Abie's volleyball coaches.  I used the same colors, just flip flopped the backgrounds and then embossed the sentiment with black powder.  I always love how this looks :)

Hope you have a fabulous week!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So fun! Love how you made the similar but different!

  2. Love embossing! The coaches will appreciate them for sure!

  3. So sweet of you to make them "thank you" cards :)
    I like the simplicity of them and the punch with the embossing.
    I was thinking of making an IG account for my crafty stuff….but I don't even remember to do it for my personal account, lol. Good for you

  4. Love these - they are simple and elegant