Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thankful book.

The last few years we've tried to do a different project in the month of November to document what we're thankful for, as a family.  This year I decided to decorate a little notebook and each day we each write down what we're thankful for :)

What I love about this notebook is my new punch!!! I saw this punch on someone's Instagram and immediately feel in love and literally ran to Hobby Lobby, with a coupon, and bought one!!

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!!


  1. Beautiful cover for your notebook and what a cute punch!

  2. I LOVE that punch…see what I did there ;)
    But seriously I love it, I haven't seen it in any of the stores I was in lately.
    I also love your tradition of writing down what your family is grateful for…great notebook you created.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your punch and idea! You had a great idea last year as well :)

  4. That punch is the best! Gonna have to track one down! Super idea for the notebook!

  5. love that notebook- what a great idea.