Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Happy Tuesday! Good morning!! I made these easy votive holders over the weekend, with some fun burlap ribbon. I just got glued it in place.

I'm not sure yet where I'm going to use them, but I love the way they turned out! They have this burlap ribbon all over and in tons of different widths and patterns! Perfect for just about any project!!

Have you used burlap on a project yet!


  1. Oooh pretty! I love me some chevron..can't get enough! That ribbon is awesome!

  2. Cute! They actually look very Fall/Halloween to me.
    I definitely have not used burlap much.

  3. I've never seen burlap ribbon. I love what you did with it though! Burlap seems to fit in with this time of year.

  4. These are awesome!
    I don't think I have used burlap in a project yet.
    Have to say, love the washi tape in the background ;)