Monday, July 28, 2014

Back from vacation!!

We were on vacation last week and I wanted to share a few pictures with you guys!!  We took the girls on a cruise to the Bahamas and it was wonderful.  They are great little travelers and had such an awesome time.  We can't wait to go again!!

Here we are leaving the port.

Four person selfie!

Fancy drink for, the one and only we had the whole trip ;)

Abie took this one :)

Shuffleboard anyone?

Here we are waiting for dinner.

Mike ordered the escargot for for an appetizer.

I ordered the smoked duck.  Then we shared.  Both were delicious!  These were the only pictures of dinner I got while we there.

Every night the room steward would have a different towel animal on the bed for us and the girls loved them!!

This was Port Lucaya beach in Freeport.  I forgot my swimsuit bottoms and ended up getting in the ocean in my shorts.  It was worth it though.

The girls love the water.

Beach selfie :)

Even after being in the ocean all day they still wanted to swim at night.

This was Atlantis beach in Nassau, Bahamas.  GORGEOUS!

Abie is there in the yellow suit and then Mike and Landry are in the water :)

One day we were at sea all day and we went to brunch.  Here is a picture of Huevos Rancheros and Steak (fillet minon) and eggs.  Yum!

Mike and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon, almost 16 years ago. If you've never been before, it's a strange feeling, in the middle of the ocean.  You have no control over anything, yet it's so peaceful.  Pretty cool.

Mike was on a game show on the boat and he won!!  They gave him a bottle of champagne and a trophy.

The girls favorite thing was the frozen yogurt machine.  They would have a cone after every meal.  Even breakfast! This is a picture of their last one.

Here they are on the plane, sacked out on each other, on the way home.  Traveling is exhausting.

We had such a wonderful time and have already been looking at cruises for next year!!  I hope you had a great week last week and I'll be back in a day or two with some exciting news and a new card!


  1. Such a special and fun vacation.
    Love the photos, thank you for sharing them :)
    Your girls are so adorable!!!
    I have never been on a cruise. I get car sick if I sit in the back seat, not sure how I would be on a ship :)

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! That beach looks gorgeous! I've been on a cruise once before and I've been hoping to go back again one day. They are so relaxing, yet fun. There is so much to do. It looks like you all had a great time.

  3. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time....I love cruises!!!! Will you be scrapping all the wonderful least PL style???? ;-)

  4. What gorgeous photos! Looks like a wonderful family trip!!! I like that froyo machine too! You all look so happy and relaxed!!!!!

  5. That is awesome!! So many fun photos and it's great to see you in them, too! :)
    Ha! Forgetting my swimsuit bottoms would so be something I would do. Glad you were able to still get in and have fun though :)

  6. Wow! That is quite the vacation! Beautiful beaches for sure!


  7. looks like one totally amazing vacation!
    going on a cruise is on our bucket list!!!

  8. Those beaches look beautiful! Great photos. :) Can't believe how grown-up your girls are getting.