Monday, May 19, 2014

Matching boy birthday tags.

Good morning!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We were crazy busy on Saturday.  Mike had a race at 9AM that we went and cheered him on at, then Abie had an open gym at noon for volleyball.  After she got home and cleaned up, we headed off to a graduation party.  Then we fixed dinner and Mike took the girls to a birthday party while I stayed home and cleaned up the house.  Whew!  It was quite a day :)

The birthday party the girls went to was for two of our neighbors.  I have a hard time finding boy gifts and making boy cards, etc.  So I ended up picking up both of them water balloon launchers and new swim trunks, because you can never have enough swim trunks (or swim suits) (or pajamas) (or chocolate)  Since their gifts were matching, I made their tags *sort of* matching too.

See, matching, but not :)

On Sunday we stayed home, but were busy getting projects done around the house.  The weather was gorgeous and we spent almost ALL day outside.  We have a busy week, Royals game, another open gym, family from out of town coming in and most importantly THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!  It should be an awesome week!!

I hope things are great where you are and I'll be back soon with a graduation card.  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. oh I am waiting for the last day of school as well. both the boys and I have 8 more school days!!!
    super cute tag!

  2. These are really cute tags! And I love the idea for the gift - you can never ever have enough swim wear!

    The last day of school - lucky! Our last day is June 3...but grades are due the week before that. So we have a week of school with no grades. Which is really really weird!

  3. Sounds like a busy, but great weekend to me :)
    I like your themed birthday gifts :) I had trouble shopping for boys as well.
    I am always surprised by how early the schools get out down there :)

  4. Definitely a busy weekend!!
    And cute tags, too.
    Your gift idea is great! I like the idea of swim trunks along with the water gun. I will have to remember that!

  5. Great gift are right that you can never have too many of them! I love the cards and how they match but don't. So cute!! You guys are busy! Wow school done already? I'm jealous !We have 5 more weeks! :( College Girl comes home today though so that's great!

  6. Cute tags - swim trunks are a great idea! We're not done with school til June 6th!

  7. You did have a busy weekend. But it sounds fun. The tags look great, I always get stuck with the boys?