Friday, November 15, 2013

The last of the birthdays, for now.

Woo hoo, Friday!!!!  Man, when I posted last I felt like the week was flying by.  That's when it stopped.  The last couple of days have dragged. So here's to hoping today goes by fast!!  My plan for the weekend is to finish up my Christmas shopping, yes Tracy you heard me right, except for the girls of course.  They always take the longest :)

This is another card for a 12 year old girl, but her personality is quite a bit different from the one last week. 

I found this olllld file folder and it worked  perfectly to hold the gift card!  I decorated the front it was ready to go!

I added this little baggie to the inside to hold the gift card :) and a few rhinestones!!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you have a gorgeous fall Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


  1. oh what a great idea with the little baggie to hold a gift card! so clever!!!

  2. Good idea to hold the gift card, beautiful card !

  3. So, so cute!!!! The girls' friends must get so excited to get gifts from your house....always have that perfect personal touch. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh I LOVE that idea for the gift card!
    I have a ton of those little baggies, so am definitely going to try that. :)

    I am such a slacker Christmas shopper.
    I usually wait until the last minute :)

  5. I love this! What a great idea-now that the twins are older, the gift of choice seems to be gift cards or cash. LOL!
    I have done zero Christmas shopping. I really need to get it together, Ha ha!

  6. Love that patterned paper on the front! Lovely card as always!

  7. Your card is adorable.
    I love the idea of a file folder as a card!!!!
    Cute paper on the front and love the pocket for the gift card…okay, can you tell I love this card :)
    Finishing off your Christmas shopping…but its not even December Becky, lol.

  8. This is adorable! I love the pink and the rhinestones. Perfect for a gift card!

    That is awesome that you are almost done shopping! We haven't even started yet. I know what we are buying, we just need to buy it. I should probably get on that soon!

  9. Sorry now I am scrolling through all of your blog ...

    love your work - I love this gift card holder

    my kids are at teh age that they dont by gifts for friends it cash and gift cards ..
    will be lifting that Idea from you ....