Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Happy Wednesday to you! I was trying to link up over at Julia's blog today to share my work space, but I'm posting from my phone, because my camera batteries are dead, and I can't get the hyperlink to work :(

So, I'll just share with you guys. Still working on the bookmarks. Then there are the guts from some Halloween cards. That's about it.

I'll be back tomorrow with another card. Thanks for stopping by today!!


  1. can't wait to see you card and bookmaarks!!!

  2. Looking forward to the finished bookmarks!
    I miss WOYWW :)

  3. The book marks are great so far.
    Love that you said "guts" of the cards, teehee.

  4. The bookmarks are looking great!

    When you said "guts" of the card, I thought you meant scary gorey guts...then I realized you meant the parts for the card! Halloween gets me so spooked!