Thursday, October 3, 2013

Meal planning notebook.

Good morning!  Today I wanted to share with you a meal planning notebook that I've been working on.  I have always planned our meals out, every week, since we first got married, nearly 15 years ago.  For awhile I've been thinking about putting together a notebook to keep my grocery lists, coupons and a few recipes all in one place.

I picked up this fun notebook at Target for about $5 or $6.

I also purchased these dividers and...

These pockets.  After I make my menu for the week, I've been filing it away in the pockets.  That way if I'm stumped for a meal idea, I can flip back and look at one of my old weeks for some ideas.

Target was out of the memo pads that fit this size of notebook, so I purchased a package of small legal pads and punched them with my Crop a Dile.

You know how I talked about freezer meals?  Well here's what I've decided to do, at this point.  Right now if we make a meal, like a big pot of soup, we will freeze the leftovers and use it later.  IF we remember.  Rather than going all out and making 30 meals in 3 hours, like I've seen on Pinterest, I think I'm going to take my neighbors lead and make a double batch of certain recipes and we will eat one and freeze one.  She gave me several recipes last night to try and I'll let you know what I think!  So in order to NOT forget about what's in the freezer, right now we have two pork butts and I was getting ready to buy two more because they're on sale this week, I'm going to use my notebook and make a list of everything we have.  Then cross it off as we use it and add to it as needed.  That way I'm assured that we'll be using the food that's in the freezer AND I'll be using my notebook too!  Win win!

Thanks for popping in today.  I appreciate the visit :)  I'll see you guys tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. Great idea! We need to clean out our freezer in a big way! Share some recipes?

  2. awesome- i keep an inventory sheet attached to our freezer and a pen is attached as well. i put the date which i bought it next to it so i know what is getting too old etc. don't you just love being organized???

  3. Becky, you are killing me!!! I can only dream of being this organized....oh, it would also help if I could cook worth a darn! You are the bomb!

  4. Oh if only I was that organized! I really don't like cooking and in fact it is always the last thing on my mind EVER!!! However, when I actually do take the time to meal plan and make ahead meals, I'm so much happier and even proud of myself. I dont' know why I don't do this every single week! I like your organizer and those cute divider pockets! :)

  5. Wow you are so organized!! I plan out the meals most weeks in my Erin Condren life planner. That way if anyone wants to know what's for dinner that night, they can just look in my planner (it's always out on the kitchen counter). It's also good for looking back to see when we last had something or if I'm stumped for idea.

  6. Great idea Becky :)
    I am like Sharla as I don't like to cook and have been passing it off to my daughters lately.
    But a couple of years ago when I was really uber organized, I used to make the weekly meal plans and be all prepared ;)
    Would love so see more about your freezer meals and how you like them :)

  7. Nice. I'm just starting meal planning. The other day I took inventory of everything that I have in my cabinets and pantry. I taped it to the inside of the cabinet door. That's a great idea about making a double batch of your meal. I may just have to try that because the thought of making 20 meals in a day stresses me out, lol.

  8. This is such a good idea. I'm a big freezer user. I cook on the weekends, freeze the leftovers and pull something during the week when I don't feel like cooking. Love this idea of keeping track of everything in a cute notebook. :) Anytime you can make a list cute....sign me up!