Monday, September 16, 2013

A simple layout.

Good Monday morning everyone. I had a rough night last night falling asleep and then a thunderstorm moved in, which was great, except the windows were open, so I was running around shutting them, by this time it was like 2AM. I'm hoping to at least stay upright today! Ha!

Today I wanted to share a layout with you that I started working on awhile back. I had many different ideas for this, including some stamping and embossing, neither of which happened.  I'm still happy with the result.  This layout goes right in our Project Life album.

Thanks for stopping in today. I hope you have a beautiful, upright, Monday ;)


  1. Such a sweet page, Becky! Love what you did with the labels.

  2. this is beautiful becky! your daughter is growing up and look beautifl!!!

    boy, i am with you on not being able to fall asleep-- i finally fell asleep around 12:00 but my alarm went off at 4;30 --- not a happy camper today!!!

  3. Great page, Becky!
    Love seeing layouts by you :)

    Sorry about not sleeping.
    That is so tough the next day!

  4. I love this page! And a beautiful picture too :)

    I'm so sorry about not being able to sleep. I hope you are able to sleep better tonight!

  5. It looks great! Sometimes you don't need to add the fancy stuff to get the point across.

  6. Beautiful girl - like the simplicity of the page .... the picture is the main focus

    Hope you have better sleep tonight!


  7. Beautiful page and I love the fact that it focuses on Abie's beautiful face.
    Sorry about the bad sleepless night. I too had a problem...but it was the snorer beside me that kept me up..wish it was a storm instead, would have been quieter, lol.

  8. Such a sweet picture Becky and I love that you kept the focus on the photo. Beautiful.

  9. Your daughter is a beauty and I love what you did with the layout. Sorry about the lack of sleep...I hate those kind of nights!