Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First day of school

Good morning!  Today was the first day of middle school for Abie and first grade for Landry.  Both girls were so excited!  I love that they are excited for school and love it so much :)

Here is Abie, in her much debated over outfit, just before the bus picked her up and whisked her off to the "big" school ;)

Here is Miss Landry, ready to go for first grade!  SHE was super excited!

I took the day off today to get some things done around the house, hoping to craft a bit AFTER I clean up my craft room.  But what I'm most excited about is when the girls get home today and they can tell me about their first day :)

Thanks for stopping by today and I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with a crafty something to share.  Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. Oh your girls are beautiful!
    I hope they have a wonderful day.
    We all start next week

  2. Cute photos of the girls!! Can you believe we have middle schoolers?!! It hit me the other day that Evan is look is looking so grown up and I am feeling so old Lol!
    We actually decided to have Erin do another year of Kindergarten, so she won't be going to first til next year. Since her birthday was one day before the cut off, it was always in the back of my mind that she would probably do two years in kdg.

  3. I wish Zachary was excited to go back to school...he is not one bit and adding insult to injury - he does not care one single bit what he wears as long as there are cool tennis shoes involved......uugghhh! #boymomproblems I am sure that you will get a detailed account of everything that goes on today....something that I will be missing out on as well...I will be lucky to get a "FINE". Zach doesn't start until the 26th.

  4. 1st days of school are so much fun! I always take the first day off ... Even now that the boys are older - my special day!

  5. Both the girls look great! I hope they both had a wonderful first day of school!

  6. Ohh my both the girls look so pretty :)
    I can imagine their excitement for school,
    School doesn't start here until September, it doesn't even seem like we have got our summer yet.

  7. aw how exciting!! They look so cute.

  8. They look so pretty and I love how they dressed up! It is special! Hope they had a great first week!