Monday, August 5, 2013

Birthday bag.

Good morning and happy Monday!  Did you have a nice weekend?  We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and I just love that!

Yesterday we had a birthday party to go to and the gift of choice was a Claire's gift card.  I fixed up this brown paper bag to place the gift card in.

After I placed the gift card inside, I stapled a small tag I had decorated, to the front, that had "to" and "from" on it :)

We start puppy classes for Dirk on Tuesday night and Abie has an impromptu volleyball practice on Thursday night.  Then meet the teacher for middle school is Friday night!!  A fun, exciting week!!

Thanks for stopping in today and I'll see you guys tomorrow!  Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. Cute bag - love them! Can't believe it's back to school time!

  2. sounds like a fun week ahead! meet the teacher for middle school- how fun!!!

    your gift bad is simply adorable!!

  3. Love the gift bag! We still have three weeks before school starts....Zach is not one bit excited about starting junior high....booooo!

  4. This is too cute! LOVE the feathers!

  5. This is such a great and creative way to give a gift card to a friend :)
    Such a busy week you have :)
    I gave my BIL his card this weekend and forgot to sign it, lol.

  6. I love this bag! Now I need to make some. Great inspiration! Thanks! Have a great week...from the other side of MO! Thanks for stopping by my blog from WOYWW!

  7. I love this gift bag! It is such a fun way to give a gift card!

    I hope everything is going well this week. I can't believe meet the teacher night is tomorrow already! (Ours is fun for the teacher! I have an after school meeting that backs right into the meet the teacher night, so no time for dinner for me!)