Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birthday party craft/book/and favor all rolled into one!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  Today I'm sharing with you the little book that I made and then the girls decorated at Landry's birthday party.  Waaaaay back on June 29th!

I had the pages pre-made before everyone came.

I had all the holes punched and even the ribbons cut.

Throughout the night I took pictures of the fun things the girls were doing.  Decorating cupcakes...


And with each gift that Landry opened, I snapped a quick photo of here and her friend with the present.  (this is Landry's book so it looks slightly different than the guest's books did)  That night, I printed out all the photos and adhered them to the books.  Thank you cell phone and Canon Selphy!

 The next morning while the girls were patiently waiting for donuts to arrive, I passed out the books to each of the girls along with stickers and markers.  They had a fun time decorating their books.  I included a blank page for them to write about what their most fun memory of the night was.  Then I gave each of the books to Landry and on the back page, I had her write a quick thank you to each of her guests for the gift they had brought.

I quickly bound the books with pink and purple ribbon and they were finished!  Super fun and really, pretty easy with just a minimal amount of planning. 

one 6x6 paper pad
cereal boxes for the front and back covers
two packages of stickers
ribbon from my stash

The supplies listed above made four 5x5 books.  The inside pages were just double sided cardstock from the paper pad.

For those of you that have been keeping track, Abie got the call yesterday to play on the 12 Up team for her club.  She is super excited about next season, which doesn't officially start until November, but I'm sure we'll have some things going on before then :)  She had her last recreational volleyball game last night, for summer and Landry had swim lessons.  She is doing an amazing job, I can't believe the amount of progress she has made in just a week and half!  So proud of my girls!!  Thanks for stopping in today and I'll be back tomorrow with either a Project Life update or a new card.  Have an absolutely beautiful Wednesday my friends!


  1. What a great idea! The books are fabulous! Sounds like your girls are keeping you busy this summer!

  2. Brilliant idea for a great memento from the day, a crafty activity, and a thank you note! I'd love to do these in the future with my own kiddies.

  3. that little party book is such an awesome idea!! i am sure all the girls LOVED it!!

    sounds like you have had a busy summer

  4. That is such a fun party favor idea. Love that you were able to print the photos right then and give them the books before the end. Great idea! :)

  5. Those little birthday books are just precious....and what a great keepsake from the party!!!! Congrats to both the girls for all their accomplishments this summer....I hope that I get to meet them both soon! :)

  6. Loved your little mini album! Penny

  7. What a cute book! That's going to be such a fun memory to look back on in years to come. I'm sure all the girls loved it!

  8. I have been looking forward to seeing the books you and the girls created. This was such a fun special way for Landry and her friend to record and relive the sleep over party for years to come.
    I love this idea!!!!!
    Congrats to your girls for their accomplishments, they must be so happy :)

  9. This is an amazing idea!!! I love that it did triple duty as an activity, favor and thank you!

    Congratulations to Abie on making the team!