Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Decorated Filofax pages

Good morning! How are you?  Things are fantastic here, it's my last day of work before a short mini vacation and I couldn't be more excited!!

Today I'm posting my decorated Filofax pages from this week.  It's really been a lot of fun doing this and I have to say, after being a digital convert, I'm so glad I switched back to paper!!

I'm posting my weekly pages, decorated with washi, before I added my stickers for the week. I forgot and took the picture too early :)

The next picture is of my monthly sheets. I added some color with a highlighter and stickers.

The last photo is of a card from my stash that I punched and added to this week in honor of my girls trip :)

Thanks for popping in today for a second! I'm taking the next couple of days off.  Heading to New Orleans with my mom and sister!!!  I'll be back next week though!  :)


  1. Your filofax looks great and I hope that you have a great time the The Big Easy! We will miss you......and I hope you keep us updated on IG!

  2. Love your pages! Have an awesome time in New Orleans.

  3. Your pages look so fun! I love all the embellishing you are doing!
    Have a great mini vaca with the girls!! :)

  4. Fun pages, Becky! You're making me want to decorate mine. :)

  5. I add washi to m planner also, I am amazed at the bulk it has still added.

  6. Have an awesome time on your girls' trip! You have to let me know what you think of New Orleans, and any must see places! We are planning a trip this summer as well :)

    PS. Love your pages! I got so excited for your trip I almost forgot to tell you that the pages are great too - especially the card you added in honor of the trip!

  7. Have a great time on your trip! Nice job sprucing up your pages!

  8. So happy to see your pages :)
    I like that you add the highlighter to the month.
    I really like the washi tape you used.
    So excited for your trip. Are you going to get some scrappy shopping in ;)
    I was going to add Kristy's Graduation Invitation to mine, but I will probably scrapbook it so didn't want to put the holes in it....oh I will photo copy it...thats what I'll do ;)

  9. Looks so cute! I would be highlighting,too. I used to do that in my work planner.
    Have a fun, safe trip and we will *see* you when you get back :)

  10. Have a great vacation!! The pages look so cute.