Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some new pens!

Hey there!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Ours was a three day one here and we enjoyed every minute.  We got a lot of yard work done, the girls either slept over or had a sleepover and we are enjoying the start of our summer vacation!

I've been on a bit of a shopping spree lately.  Mostly for my new Filofax.  I know I posted a couple of weeks ago about my pocket Domino, but it just wasn't big enough.  So last week I ordered a personal sized Saffiano and it showed up early, on Saturday!  I was so excited!  I wasn't able to get to it until Sunday, but I have it all set up and ready to go now :) 

What I'm sharing today is craft and Filo related :)  Pens!  I picked up a couple of new pens I want to share with you guys.

The first pens I want to tell you about are the Pilot Frixion pens.  I found mine at Office Max, but they also sell them at my Target.  These are the .7 mm size.  I have only been able to find the .5 mm size online.  I am a FAT writer and the .7 mm size have been just fine for me.  What's so cool about these pens?

They write almost like a cross between a gel and ball point pen.  Very different.  But here's the cool part.

They're erasable!  I mean REALLY erasable!  You can't see any trace of where you wrote!  Perfect for writing in a planner ;)  or a CARD or anywhere else that you might make a mistake and need to erase.  Love them!!

Now, on to my next purchase.  I found out about theses from my friend Dawn.  She posted a pic on Instagram and I was like, "where did you find those????"

Yes, neon Sharpies!  She found hers at Target.  I couldn't find them there, but ended up finding mine at Walmart.  They were about $5.42 or something?

These are a little weird.  When you write with them, they are dark and then they dry to the neon color.  Weird, right?  The computer color may be slightly distorted.  They are pretty cool.  Not exactly highlighter color, I can't explain it.

So those are my finds today.  I'll be back tomorrow.  I have a couple of fun things this week.  A new storage find that I've been searching for, some more new product, a new card...  I hope you have a great Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm famous! Glad you found the Sharpies - they are FUN!

  2. Love the Frixion pens, some friends of mine even got me the highlighters! Good on you for finding all those... I looooooove pens!

  3. Fun finds! I need to find some of those erasable pens!

  4. oh what fun pens- as a teacher i totally LOVE LOVE LOVE pens!! going to have to try out the erasable ones- love it

  5. Oh, fun! I am so interested in the erasable pens. I don't write as much as I type so I mess up all the time and cross stuff out. Would be cool to have erasable ink. The neon sharpies look cool too! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. I'll have to get me some of those pens! I'm so picky about the pens I use, I think I'd like those. How awesome is that that they are erasable?

  7. I love the Pilot Frixions! They are awesome. Did you know they have highlighters and markers that erase too?! I haven't seen them in stores but have them in my amazon cart.

  8. OOooh..........pens. I LOVE pens. I need pens. They make me happy! Those neon sharpies look fun, I think I need to find me some too! Erasable pens would be very handy to have. Thanks for enabling Beck!! ;)

  9. I am facinated with pens too! Love those neon sharpies, and will keep my eye out for those erasable ones! TFS!

  10. I love the eraseable ones. I've been using them and have had no problems with fading and have even been able to erase a month later.

  11. Those sharpies are so cool!

    I love those friction pens! They were my go to in graduate school:)

    I'm glad you guys had such a great weekend!

  12. Great pens :)
    I had just seen those neon sharpies at my Staples today...but didn't pick them up.
    As for the Pilot Frixion..do they erase if you rub it?
    Did you have to get all new inserts for your planner?

  13. Awesome pens!!!
    I love erasable pens because I make so many mistakes when writing!
    But those neon sharpies are the best.

  14. Great finds! The frixion ones are neat-I have a few of those too. Love those neon sharpies! I had not seen those before.