Thursday, May 16, 2013

My new Filofax!  I am beyond obsessed!  Ha!  It all started with my friend TRACY.  So I'm going to blame her :)  She posted an awesome video HERE and did another blog post HERE all about picking out her planner and then craftifying it!  That's what I'm going to call it :)  There is a whole community out there dedicated to Filofaxes and organizing them.  Tons of videos on Youtube, groups on Facebook (thanks Steph!) even blogs!  I've been researching for awhile now and placed an order for my very first ever Filofax last Monday, the 6th.

I ordered the Ultra Violet Domino Organizer in pocket size.  It was 50% off.  I started out with this one because for the last few years, I've been using the calendar on my phone and doing okay with it (it was a HUGE issue for me to switch from a paper planner to digital) so I didn't want to invest too much money into this, just in case I would end up not using it as much as I hope too.  Just between us, I already have my eye on a couple more I'm thinking about buying.  Haha!  It arrived on Saturday, and it was pure torture waiting all those days for it to get here!

So, on to the pictures!!

Here's a look at my planner from the front, closed.  It's slightly bigger than an A2 card :)

When you first open it, to the left are four card pockets, which I don't have anything in yet.  On the right is a clear plastic sheet that came with the planner.  I'm not sure if this is called the flyleaf or not though.  I've see on a few videos where they call the clear sheet a flyleaf, but on the website you can order a flyleaf which has an actual tab on the side of it.  So the jury's out on that one.  The other thing I've heard on videos, is people refer to the next sheet as their dashboard.  I guess that's just the next piece of paper after your flyleaf?  (total novice here...)  So I added a favorite piece of patterned paper and will keep important notes here.  I've also stored a couple fun shaped paperclips (picked those up at Target in the Dollar Spot) for safe keeping.  I've seen others keep pictures or quotes in this area.

The next section are my actual calendar pages, but I'm saving those for the end...  Let's move on to my tabbed dividers, shall we?

The planner came with six manila colored tabs that were numbered from 1-6.  Well, that just didn't work ;)  I used THIS punch and it was an almost identical match for the tabs.  I used it to cover up the numbered tabs first and then trimmed patterned paper to fit the large portion of the divider.  I used the larger hole of my Crop-a-dile to punch out the holes, which matched perfectly.  Since the tabs were on the side, I also added a tab to the top or bottom, depending on the divider, using the Stampin' Up! Round Tab Punch.  I'm finding it much easier to flip to these sections using these tabs then the side tabs.  Since I took these pictures though, I've moved all of the Round Tabs to the tops of the dividers.  It's just easier for me that way.

My first section is titled Blog.  I'm using this to keep track of blog ideas for posts or anything blog related.

My next section is for Crafts.  I've always kept a list of craft ideas and projects that I need to work on.  That list is now kept here.

Next up, Shop/Buy.  Target, Walmart etc all those lists will be kept here.

This section is for Family.  It's currently empty.  Ha!  I know I'll use it soon though.  Birthday party ideas, gift ideas, etc.

The last labeled tab is To Do.  I think that speaks for itself :)

I had one more tab, but couldn't think of anything to label it.  So for right now I'm keeping passwords in it.

Behind my dividers is my address book.  Pretty plain.  I'm trying to decide if I want to fancy up the dividers on those too...

Next up is this neat plastic envelope.  I'm keeping my extra sticky notes in it for now.

On to my decorated calendar pages!  I had a picture of this week all ready to go and then I realized it had a bunch of WAY personal info on it that I probably shouldn't post on the bloggity blog.  Soooo, I'm going to share next weeks week, which isn't nearly as fun, because it isn't all the way done yet, but you'll get the idea :)

This is just what I have so far.  Tracy posted THIS VIDEO and I was completely inspired on how to trim my washi into two narrow pieces, perfect for my tiny Filo!  I'm not sure if I'm diggin' the week on two pages.  I might switch to one day per page.  We'll see though.

Here's a look at my Filo from the top...

And from the side.

Aaaahhhh.  I'm in love :)  completely and utterly in love :)  Are you obsessed with anything right now?  What about a planner?  Paper or digital?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for hangin' with me for this ultra long post!  I'll see you back here tomorrow.  Have a fantastic Thursday!


  1. Love all the cute little details!

  2. So glad you love it, Becky. I love how you made it your own.

  3. Super cute and I'm sure it was fun to put it together!

  4. This looks fabulous, I've been eyeing Tracy's too! Right now I'm obsessed with Love Potion #31 ice-cream from Baskin Robbins. It's seasonal and I'm hoping to get one more trip for ice-cream before they are completely out! Oh, and I'm obsessed with my copics! :D

  5. this looks so awesome becky!!!! love an organized girl!!!
    i love how this works!! looks so awesome.
    i myself use my iphone and ipad for everything. i would be so lost if i didnt have it!!! LOL!!

  6. Cute planner. I love the papers in it. I'm all about the look, not the functionality. LOL

  7. It looks soooo cute!!! Since it is pretty obvious lately, I am having trouble getting focused on anything but my place. If I tried to do this I would still be working on it at Christmas so I am going to be satisfied to oogle yours! I am a die hard fan of the Erin Condren life planners, so I do stay somewhat organized.

  8. That looks awesome, I don't have time for a planner like that :)

  9. You know I usually visit my comments in order....but skipped right to yours because I knew today was your planner day!!!!! :) :)
    Is it odd that your photos make me happy, even though it isn't mine, I love it ;)
    It is so so cute :) Its like a mini me, teehee.
    Your dividers are so pretty :) And your paper clips are so cute :)
    So happy to enable you ;)
    And I see what you did there with craftifying, I really get in your brain and never leave, bwaaahaaahaa ;)

  10. Nice! I've never used a planner, (although I probably should)but if I did I'd probably use something like that. I love how you've spruced it up. It looks great!


    Seriously, this is amazing! There is nothing I love more than crafting except organizing (and you know, my family and AJ and such...)

    But oh man. LOVE!