Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hey there!

Hey guys!  Sorry to go MIA on you last week.  I'm having a bit of a, well I hate to call it a health issue because that sounds scary, but for lack of a better word that's what it is.  It's nothing serious, but I went to the doctor on Monday, I couldn't get in to see my regular doctor and the one I saw thought I had one thing and it turns out I don't have what she thought I had.  I have an appointment with my regular doctor on Tuesday and I KNOW she'll be able to "fix" me ;)  So, needless to say, I've not been sleeping well, due to my issue, and when that happens the first thing to go is the blog, and crafting :(

On a more positive note, you know Mike and I are on the year of the purge, right?  Did you know that?  We worked on the basement all day long Saturday, moving things around and getting the basement ready to finish.  If you didn't know before, my craft area was down in our unfinished basement.  So on Sunday, we worked on moving my craft stuff upstairs.  Would you like to see where my craft stuff is?

It's in our living room.  (sorry about the blurry phone photo)  The craft room furniture is still in the basement.  We had to move the sectional out of our upstairs family room (which is where my craft room is going) out before the craft stuff could go in.  We hit a roadblock when the long part of the sectional wouldn't fit downstairs :(  Mike and our neighbor tried for like an hour to get the couch downstairs and it just wouldn't go.  So right now it's in the garage.  We had to stop for awhile because Abie had practice and we had a super bowl party to go to.  BUT, I'm really hoping to get the rest of the furniture moved tonight and then the rest of the week I can work on organizing and putting things away.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to post this week, so I'll ask that you stick with me one more week.  I appreciate you guys :)


  1. I'll stick with you no matter how long it takes :)
    Hope you are feeling better.
    I like your "love" banner ;)
    I would love to be there to help you organize :)
    Can't wait to see your finished room.
    I am still defunkifying my home...but it kind of slowed down with the holidays and such.

  2. I hope you are well and back to crafting soon! I missed you, but will stick with you just like you do when I disappear. I did a bit of purging this weekend too...preparing for the upcoming move and I have to say it felt good! I am so jealous of your crafting space and can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. hey becky, hope you are feeling better!! it also seems like you have been really busy. oh i would love to come over and help organize your new scrap room!! take all the time you need- we will be here!!!

  4. I hope you get the answers that will help relieve your anxiety. :) Hugs!

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon, Becky!
    Good luck with the doctor visit tomorrow.
    And hope the furniture situation works out :)

  6. hope all goes well. We've been doing the doctor thing since the new year. It's been one thing after another.

  7. Hope you feel better soon, hope your purging goes more smoothly as well :)

  8. Hope you feel better Becky and that your regular doctor can figure out what's going on with you. Try to get rest, that is almost always key to whatever your body is going through. On the flip side, you are working on an exciting project of moving your craft room...that is actually therapeutic at times like this. Keeps your mind occupied. :)

  9. Hope you get "fixed" soon! I know how it is with non-serious issues - not bad, but enough to knock you off your game and mess up your life, just enough. That is some purging project!

  10. Oh no, I am so sorry that you are having a medical issue. I hope you are feeling better and the doctor was able to help today.

    The move looks like it was going well (couch issues aside!) How fun it will be to have your new craft room all set up! I can't wait to see how it all turns out :)