Thursday, January 3, 2013

Birthday gift card holder.

Hey there!  I made it through yesterday :)  It was so nice to come home and have Mike there.  Having him home and only having three days are making this week bearable.  Ha!

Today I wanted to share a gift card holder I made a few weeks ago for a birthday party Abie went to.

I bought the gift card at Claire's and it came in a little cardboard envelope thingie (technical term).  I took apart said thingie and used it for a pattern to make a much cuter thingie of my own :) 

I have some thank you cards I'm working on, but I'm stumped right now as to what color to do the sentiment in.  If I get those finished tonight, I'll share them tomorrow.  If not, I'll share my last week of Project Life 2012 and how I finished up my album.  My Friday post will be a surprise for all of us!  Haha!

Have a fab Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow.  Thanks for popping in today :)


  1. love this thingie!!! so adorable!!

  2. Adorable! Much cuter than the cardboard ones.

  3. I love your gift card holder! That banner paper is one of my favorites :)

    Can't wait to see what you decide to post tomorrow!

  4. I love this design. How cute with the cloud and stick pin. Very fun idea.

  5. Great gift card holder.
    I like how the stick pin pokes out from behind the cloud.
    I'm hoping Mike had dinner ready for you when you came home, after your hard day at work, teehee.
    Only one more day to go my friend...then the weekend :)
    Looking forward to seeing your new projects :)

  6. Really cute card holder! I love that orange paper. Who makes that?

  7. Cute thingie! I too had to go back to work. Sad. Very sad.