Monday, December 3, 2012

This year's Advent Calendar.

Good morning.  Can you believe it's December???  This year has flown by so fast.  As if the next few weeks won't go by fast enough, we're going to count them down even faster with our new Advent Calendar.  The last several years we used THIS ONE that I had made.  After a few years though, the boxes got kind of rough looking so we made a new one!

I saw a similar idea to this in Country Living magazine and it got my wheels turning.  Their bags were cloth drawstring bags, but whatever :)  I picked up red and green gift bags at Michael's along with the washi tape and black numbers.  Landry and I decorated the bags right up and they were ready to fill!  I find the filling part the hard part, what about you?  This year I went with fruit roll ups, granola bars, earrings, notebooks, markers and pearler beads.  That was the nice thing about the bags, since they were a little bigger I could fit a bit more in them.  The girls LOVE to countdown the days and it's so much fun to watch them open the bags each day and figure out how many days are left.

How's your Christmas shopping going?  We still have a few things left to pick up, but the bulk is done.  What I'm dreading is the wrapping, ugh!  :)  We have a busy week this week, something going on every night, that time of year, but it makes the nights we aren't busy that much better!  Thank you for stopping by today and I'll see you, hopefully tomorrow!


  1. these are so adorable!!

    i did not do an advent calendar this year- just not enough time-- kinda bummed about it- but we are doing the elf on the shelf--

    i am done with my mom, hubby, and my youngest son. my oldest one is the hard one- i at least have an idea now- an air hockey table- but now i have to find a good price and figure out where in the world it will go in the basement- i am not giving up one inch of my scrpabook studio-hahahahaha!!!

  2. That is such a cute idea!!!!
    I have to admit that we have never done anything as fun as that.
    But several years ago I made a countdown flip book.
    So the kids like to take turns flipping the pages as we count down to Christmas.
    Next year I either want to do elf on a shelf, or something like what you did.

  3. Great idea! The little bags are so cute. I am mostly done with my shopping. Still need to come up with something for the husband. It is tricky since his b-day is close to the holidays as well.

  4. What a cute idea....what in the world did crafty people do before Washi tape?????? Have a great day!

  5. What a great idea-I just got started with my Christmas shopping. I'm going to try to do the bulk of it online again this year-I hate fighting the crowds.
    I enjoy wrapping but I refuse to wait until the last minute like I did last year! (Wrapping until 3AM on Christmas Eve. Sigh.)

  6. This is such a great idea! I love the bags.

    Every year, since as long as I can remember, my aunt has gotten us chocolate advent calendars. She always gives them to us at Thanksgiving, but we didn't go home this year. So they should be here in the mail tomorrow!

    That is awesome that your shopping is almost done! I'm only just started!

  7. These are a great idea. Love that Landry helped you decorate them😃.
    Remember the advent calendars I just needed to have last year? They are still in the boxes. So sad