Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finished Snowman Soup!

Can you believe it's Thursday?  I finished up the snowman soup last night...

Here's a picture of the whole bag.  It contains a package of hot chocolate, a small baggie of marshmallows, three chocolate kisses and a mini candy cane.  I topped the bag with the Stampin' Up! Top Note Die and added a fun snowman :)

Here's a close up of the snowman.  I found him in the $1 aisle, that's not a dollar anymore, at Michael's.  Stamped him in blue and added an orange glitter nose and blue glitter accents with my Martha Stewart glue pen. 

Quick post today.  Things are crazy busy at work, Abie and Landry are both in the fifth grade play tonight, I'm trying to find the time to hit the grocery store and I'm loving the hustle and bustle of the holidays right now :)  How about you?

Thanks for stopping by today.  I'll try and pop in tomorrow to share the teacher gifts I made.  Have a GREAT Thursday and I'll see you soon!!


  1. so very cute!! jack is giving these to all his teachers- along with some clipboards and homemade cards-- i have to get busy!! yikes!!

    have a wonderful day!

  2. These turned out SOOOO cute and I LOVE the blue!

  3. So cute! Have fun at the play tonight.

  4. This is adorable!

    That's funny that you mentioned that the $1 aisle isn't $1 anymore! I noticed that also!

    Have a great time at the play tonight! I'm loving the bustle too, I can't wait for Saturday, we are going to go see the Chriskindlemarket and Zoo Lights (as long as it doesn't rain!) But they are always very bustle-y!

  5. Awww your topper for the snowman soup turned out so cute :)
    Good luck to both your girls on their performance tonight.
    I don't know about the hustle and bustle its too early to go shopping yet, lol.