Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!!!

So I've made an executive decision...  for the next two weeks I can't post on Tuesdays :)  It's too hard for me with coming home, getting everyone situated, feeding them, heading out the door and then doing the nighttime routine when we get back home.  I'm just worn out.  Abie has two more weeks of games and then I'm hoping to be back to five days a week of posting.  I had something to post yesterday, I just didn't get my post up. 

On to today!  It's Wednesday and that means sharing with tons of crafters what we have on our workdesks!  I'm linking up over at THE STAMPING GROUND!!

Check out this beautiful mess!  It's what's left from my gratitude journal over the weekend.  And in case you were wondering...  I was all set to go with the pocket idea that MARY PAT had thought of!  It was genius!  Then I was driving home from work and I had another idea that I think I'm going to try out.  We'll see if it works :)

Thanks for popping in today to check out my desk and I'll see you soon.  Hope you have a great Halloween.  Mike will be taking our Pirate and our Witch around the neighborhood tonight while I stay home and pass out the goodies.  Have a safe night!


  1. I can't wait to see what you thought of!!!!

  2. I'm sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don't catch anything. I'm enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it's better than reading magazines :-) ]. I'm leaving a copied comment so you know I've called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93

  3. Can't wait to see what you have in mind!

  4. I know exactly what you mean! I get depressed if I don't have a dinner plan or the kids don't file and do what they're supposed to in a timely fashion. I think mums everywhere should only have to work 4 hrs outside of the home for full pay and the others is all we do everywhere else LOI! I don't post every week either. We'll miss you for two weeks Tamika #112

  5. This creative desk just puts a smile on my face :) see a smile.
    Hope you all have a Happy and safe Halloween.
    My girls are to old to go out. I told them they could get away with it though, being so tiny that they are, lol.

  6. Busy, busy! Love to see a creative desk. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your mini. :)

  7. Oh, I can't wait to see what you came up with for your mini!!

    Your Tuesdays sound crazy!

    I hope everyone has a great Halloween tonight! We bought some goodies, although we never get any trick or treaters. But I bought my favorite, so I don't mind eating some of it (ummm, or all of it!)

  8. this is my first visit to you so I have no idea what you are thinking of so I will pop back in a couple of days to see... I am nosey you see that is why I am here after all
    janet #58
    ps what is in the box on the left? please tell

  9. Good luck with your gratitude journal project! The image of the peacock feather is gorgeous and I love all the leaves. Happy WOYWW woefully late from Laura #148