Thursday, October 25, 2012

Silver lining.

So, do you want to know the silver lining to the three day training?  I mean besides day four when it's over?  Archiver's.  Archiver's is the silver lining.  It's about five minutes from where the training location is (45 minutes from my house).  Guess where I went yesterday???  :)

I picked up several different reindeer stamps while I wandered through the store but ended up with this one.  I've bought this brand of stamps before too, and didn't care for them, but thought I might like the rubber cling stamps.  Let's hope!  I'll keep you posted!

Sorry about the blurry photo :(  I thought these would make fun, quick and simple Christmas tags.  I love to make my Christmas tags every year, but at the rate I've been going lately I don't think I'm going to have a ton of time this year to devote to the project.  Enter these stamps!

There was so much paper to choose from.  Paper overload.  I'm so behind on what's what and what's new.  I give up anymore and just buy what I like :)  I keep it around for so long, by the time I use it it's not "new" anymore anyway.  Ha!  Anyway, I loved this Christmas line from MME and these fun enamel dots that were hanging right next to it.

Gah!  Look at these stamps!  I LOVE them!!!!  Perfect for Project Life, 3x3 cards, regular cards, tags, um can you guys think of anything else?  I just keep staring at them!

Finally, I picked up my first mask.  I know, I know, but remember what I said about not keeping up with things?  I'm really excited about this!

This was my first big shopping trip in LONG, long time and it was a quick one, but I'm pretty happy with my purchases.  What have you picked up lately, or what's on your list?

Thanks for stopping in today.  It's been another crazy week here.  The girls are out of school the next two days and couldn't be more excited about it.  We have not plans tonight and I couldn't be more excited about that!  Haha!  Have a beautiful day and I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Love the Amy Tangerine set! I need to find an Archivers ... road trip!

  2. oh lots and lots of goodies!! that mask is on my wish list! i have not been scrapbook shopping for over 3 months now. I have put myself on a spending freeze until i clean out and use up my stash. so far i am doing great! i figure i can buy more maybe next year! we shall see

  3. Lots of good stuff Becky! Can't wait to see those put to good use! :)

  4. Love those days when I can go to Archiver's :)
    We have a busy weekend here, too!
    Hope you have a good one :)

  5. Oh do I miss Archiver's! I only had one for a few months but it was always fun to wander around. You picked up some fun stuff! Enjoy. :)

  6. Archivers is so fun, even to just look that ever happens, teehee.
    Great finds. I too don't know what hot or not. I just get what I love, bad thing is...I love everything, lol.
    What are those enamel dots? Are they brads or are they sticky backed?

  7. That is a really great silver lining!

    These all look awesome for Christmas. I was in Joann's last night picking up some stuff for AJ's costume, and for our Fall Fest at school today. But AJ was with me, and he is big on "staying on task" - especially when our errands involve 5 different stores. So there was no shopping in the paper section for me! I was disappointed, all of the Christmas stuff was just put out!

    But, I'm glad I got to "go along" on your shopping trip - at least somebody got some new goodies!