Friday, June 29, 2012

The other tag with my other new stamp.

So here we are.  Friday at last.  Didn't that seem awfully fast to you?  Today I'm sharing the other tag I made with my other new stamp.

I used some markers and colored a rainbow all down my stamp.  Then I huffed and puffed on the ink to make sure it was good and inky.  Once I applied it to the white tag I LOVED it!  It was perfect, all those rainbow zig zags.  I really hated to add anything on top of it, but I felt bad because of the tag I made yesterday.  I didn't really add anything to it.  So this one got lots of stuff stacked on it.

Patterned paper, twine, punched shapes and a little flag!  It doesn't quite showcase the new stamp as much as I would like for you, but if you come back Monday I have a birthday card to share that is all zig zaggy :)

Yesterday afternoon I got the dreaded call from Landry's pre-school.  Fever :(  She took a good long nap in the PM and was doing better when she woke up.  Mike is keeping her home today.  Would definitely rather her be under the weather this week than next week on her b-day!  Speaking of, that's what our weekend plans consist of.  Party prep. Shopping and cleaning.  Maybe even a little spray painting :)  What's on your agenda?

Have a fun weekend and a beautiful Friday.  I'll see you soon.  Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. this tag is just too cute! love the zig zag!!

    sorry to hear about your little one! hopefully she will be feeling better real soon!

  2. Both tags are sooooo cute!
    Love all those papers!
    Just used the Hometown Summer one for a card set.

    Trying to make some 4th of July tags right now.
    We'll see how they turn out though. I don't make tags too often.

    It's my birthday today so celebrating a little bit this weekend.
    Otherwise it is just hot here! I am sure it is hot where you are, too.

    Hope Landry feels better soon!!!

  3. That tag is pure awesome!! Hope the tot is feeling better!

  4. Super cute tag Becky. I have been MIA to check out the rest of your beautiful work! :)

  5. I love the tag! I hope Landry feels better, fevers are no fun at all!

    Have a great time with all of the party prep! This weekend kicks off our two weeks of visitors - AJ's friend tonight, a family friend on Sunday and my parents are coming for a few days next Saturday! So right now I'm just relaxing and enjoying my clean apartment...and scrapping of course!

  6. Another fun tag. I love your rainbow zig zags :)
    I like that you attached some of the embellishments with staples, I keep forgetting to do that :)