Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm baaaaaaack!

I missed blogging SO much!  It was a much needed break, but the thing I missed most was my daily interactions with everyone.  I love posting everyday and checking in to see what everyone else is up too.  I did get down to my craft area on Sunday and got caught up on Project Life, made several cards and started on another project.  I still don't feel like my mojo is 100% back though.  I think about crafting 99% of the time but it's getting myself down to my room that's the issue.  Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

So last Friday was my 35th birthday.  It didn't feel like my birthday, at all.  It was the weirdest day, we had rain, snow and sun, I HAD to be at work for a meeting, we didn't get to go out and celebrate because the school carnival was that night.  It was just an odd day.  One thing about Mike, he's always been awesome about making my birthday special.  Awhile ago I mentioned, in passing, that I wanted a vintage typewriter, for scrapbooking.  He remembered and this was what he got me...

I was SO surprised!  It came in the original case and everything!  I've already ordered ribbon, the ribbon in it was dried out and you could just faintly see the type.  I can't wait to use this with my Project Life!

On Saturday we had no plans.  Yes, zero, none, nada!  It was fabulous!  I made a trip to Big Lots and was rewarded with the following:

Halloween glitter Thickers!  Only $2!  My favorite is the 31 on the backside of this.

These Hampton Arts stamps for $1.50.  I have a card to share later this week with these!!

Finally, some Basic Grey chipboard letters, which I've put to use in my PL album already, and these fun fall Woolies!  I never find anything at Big Lots so I was so excited when I found this stuff!

I hope you have a beautiful Monday and thank you so much for sticking with me last week.  Your comments and sweet words meant the world to me!  I'll be back tomorrow!!!  Thanks for popping in today!


  1. Welcome back! Typewriter is awesome!!

    1. Oh - and I forgot - happy birthday!!

  2. Awww...Happy Birthday last Friday, for me birthdays have always been a little weird. Sometimes I've spent my birthday completely alone (it's around Christmas time) and my kids have been in Vegas with their dad and the parents headed north to see my sister. I'm glad your husband got you something you really wanted, and I'll have to check out my big lots for those cute stamps!!

    oh..btw, I did survive my daughters date!! hahaha...barely! ;)

  3. Happy birthday!!! And what a great gift!!
    Glad you are back. I still found myself checking every day to see if you had posted though.
    I think it is good to take a break once in a while!

  4. Happy Birthday Becky! Funny how sometimes our special day doesn't feel any different from any other day. I am green with envy over your gift, that's an amazing gift from your hubby! Enjoy it, can't wait to see you use it on your projects. I think I will add this to my future wish list! ;)

  5. Welcome back!! Doesn't it feel great when you find something unexpected?? I feel the same way ascyou do sometumes: constantly thinkung abt crafting but not being able to drag myself ti the room!! Good luck!

  6. Yay! Welcome back!!

    I hope you had a great birthday! That is an AWESOME present Mike got you! I just told AJ I wanted a vintage typewriter a few weeks ago...I'm hoping I get one in May...we will see!

    I love all of the stuff you got a Big Lots, it is fabulous!

  7. Happy Birthday and welcome back!

  8. happy birthday and i am soooo glad you are back and ready to blog and craft missed you

  9. Welcome back!!!! I missed you :0) A big Happy Birthday to you also, even though it's late :0)

  10. Yeah Becky is back :)
    And with lots of projects to share by the sounds of it.
    I wish I would have kept my old typewriter when I was a young girl. I bought it with my paper route money because I loved office supplies, lol.
    I found a real old heavy one at the thrift store, but I waited to long and missed out :(
    Sorry your birthday wasn't so exciting :(
    About creating, I am the same way...think about it in all my waking hours, but never get down to get to work on them.
    So happy you are back.