Friday, March 9, 2012

A few pages of my Gratitude Journal.

Yay Friday!  Even though I have to work late tonight, I'm so excited it's Friday!!  (I do get to leave early Monday in exchange, so it's good!)

Today I quickly wanted to share with you a couple of the inside pages of my Gratitude Journal from the other day.  They aren't really complete, complete, but semi-complete.  Makes total sense, right?

Here's my cover page.  The book came with the acetate piece that had the bicycle printed on it already.  I added the graph card, stamping and staples.

On this piece I added the stamping (at the top) and the writing, of course :)  Some of my entries will be simple things like this that I'm grateful for and others will be a little more in depth.  Two Saturdays ago we were playing outside and Mike and I were standing in the driveway.  I looked up and saw both of our cars in the garage and I was just SO grateful to see them there.  He has been traveling for work so much lately, to see both of them there, it really hit me.  Do you have moments like that?  The coffee and whipped cream, well, that's a little afternoon, weekend guilty pleasure of mine right now :)

On this page I added the stamping, in the corner.

Here I added some stamping too.

I plan on writing a lot in this so I didn't want to muck up the pages too much.  After I write, I'll go back and add some more stuff.  The I want to come back and show you guys some more!  I don't plan on putting photos in here, but you never know...

Big plans this weekend?  Not here!!  Wahoo!!!!  Abie's school testing is coming up next month and they have asked us to send in three cards or letters of encouragement for the kids.  (didn't I do this on my own last year???)  So I'm going to work on those and also, my Project Life pictures got delivered so I'm going to slip those into the slots.  Oh, and most importantly, my typewriter ribbon came!!!!  Mike is going to load that puppy up and I'm going to try it out!  I might have to pick up the house too :)

Hope you have a beautiful Friday and a fantastic weekend!!  See you soon!


  1. Your journal is going to be so cute!

    Such a busy weekend here! A concert and a gala for my high school. Plus lunch with family in from out of town and a birthday party to go to.
    :-O I have a feeling I will get no scrapping time!

  2. this is so cute--love it!!!

    we have a quiet weekend as well--need to finally get in my scrap room!!

  3. I love your journal! I totally get the garage thing, I love when I get home and I see AJ's car our parking garage and I know he's home too. And of course, anything with whipped cream!

    I am hoping for a quiet weekend here, aside from a dinner at my friend's house tomorrow night. But I really just want to do absolutely nothing, except clean, things are a mess!

  4. Great start! Love the cover :o) It is always the little things that I most grateful for also! Hugs!

  5. Lovin' your book so far :)
    I didn't see one of these at Archivers during my travels.
    I used to write 3 things I was grateful for on a daily bases.
    You are so right, its the little things that we are grateful for that in turn are the big things :)