Monday, December 12, 2011

Simple bottle tag.

Good morning!!!!!  Did you have a nice weekend?  We had a bit of a bump in the road Friday night when Landry got sick :(  so Abie and I went to the anniversary party alone Saturday.  Luckily, Landry was feeling back to normal on Saturday night and we were able to have pizza and decorate the Gingerbread House. 

Yesterday was a lot of fun!  We met some friends for lunch and then we went over to some other friends house for a visit.  They recently moved into our neighborhood and we couldn't be more EXCITED!!!!

I did get some crafting time in yesterday, and boy did I need it.  I didn't realize how many little projects I needed for things coming up.  So, I made a list and got to work!

We have a family Christmas party this Saturday at my cousins and I'm going to take her a bottle of wine as a hostess gift.  I made a little tag to hang around the bottle...

All of her Christmas decorations are in these three colors, so that's why I chose these :)  Aren't they fun?  I used my one and only Papertrey Mat Stack die for the tag hanger, but any similar shape would work.  Then I just added a few little embellishments.  This came together so quickly.  It would work great for bottles of cider or water bottles with those flavor packets attached.

How are your holiday preparations coming along?  Shopping done or started?  What about your wrapping?  Are you having any parties at your house and working on your menu yet?  We have just a couple of weeks to go!  Make the most of your Monday and I'll see you tomorrow.  Thanks for popping in today :)


  1. Cute tags! Those colors are great! I haven't finished wrapping yet, but I am halfway done so that is good.

  2. What a great tag! That is terrible that Landry got sick, but I'm so glad she was okay for pizza and gingerbread house building!

    I'm done with all the holiday things (shopping, parties, decorating) I am doing while I'm still in Chicago, but when I get back to New York, I'll need to do all my wrapping, since that's where all the gifts are!

  3. Cute tag! I'm still in the midst of holiday craziness...still have more presents to buy, NO wrapping is done and I have to finish addressing Christmas cards tonight. Not to mention all of the treats we need to make this weekend. Whew. My list kind of scares me right now. I've avoided looking at it the last couple of days! :)

  4. Cute topper! That is an interesting color scheme for Christmas - not very traditional, huh? Love it thought - so fun and bright! Well, since I have to put all my gifts in the mail this year, the shopping is done and everything is wrapped and I'm headed to the post office tomorrow. :)

  5. This is way cute!! Let us know if she preferred the wine or the tag :p

  6. Sweet tag. I love the jingle bell on it and the sparkle twine :)
    I wrapped some gifts tonight:) But have so far to go , lol.