Thursday, December 22, 2011

Check out this mini I WON!

Sorry to go missing on you for a day!  We had a crazy day yesterday.  Abie had her last day of school and party in the afternoon and then Landry had her Christmas Program last night.  NO MORE SCHOOL UNTIL AFTER THE FIRST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!  WAHOOOOOOOO!!  I'm slightly excited, can you tell?

 A couple of weeks ago, I won an appreciation giveaway over at TRACY'S TREASURES.  I know I've talked about her blog before, but she really makes the most amazing, well, treasures :)  When I received this mini in the mail, I was just blown away by all the detail she had put into this album.  It was like a tiny little masterpiece!

 Tracy posted a couple of videos on her blog about the mini.  You can see them HERE.

Check out this cover.  All those flowers and that street light, just beautiful!  You have to watch her video though to find out about what's under the poinsettia :)

On the right is a paper bag with a tag inside, perfect for a picture and some journaling!

Check out this flip book with that sparkly twine...

Little hidden tags and surprises everywhere!

I loved this hot chocolate cup!  Once I watched the video I found out it was a REAL cup!  :)

This was my favorite part, it's a sleeve for a to go cup that Tracy covered and the closure is a magnet!  I love it!

Here's a picture of the sleeve opened up.

Tracy has shown before on her blog how she stamps all of her projects with this symbol of the three hearts.  When I saw this on the back of the mini, it just made my day!

It's so interesting to me to make relationship with all of you, my friends.  To see your work on your blogs each day, but then to get a chance to see it in person, well that's something completely different.  I just love it!  Thanks for coming by today.  I hope your holiday prep is coming along okay and you're hanging in there :)  I'll see you soon!


  1. i agree with you tracy's work is totally awesome!

    hope you have a quiet day today!

  2. Congrats! Tracy's album is just gorgeous. Have fun filling it up! :) Hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas!

  3. That is a beautiful mini! Oh man, last day of school before break?! I can't believe how quickly December flew by! I hope you guys have a great day to kick off Christmas break, the first day was always my favorite, so many possibilities, and that excited feeling when you wake up and remember, no school today!

  4. That is a great mini. I watched the video when she posted it and the cup is my favorite part. She put so much detail into it. It looks great. When you think outside the box a little bit it's amazing what can be done.

    Hope you have a great Christmas! My sons last day of school is Friday. He is so excited this year.

  5. wow! What a great gift! Love it!

  6. So very cool!! Have a great holiday!!

  7. I am sitting here like a chesire cat with a big grin on my face.
    I am so happy that you like it :)
    I did miss you yesterday :( But with the busy holidays...I guess you are forgiven, teehee.
    Kristy goes right to Friday...but I am letting her skip tomorrow..bad mom award I know, lol.

  8. Awesome for you! i love all of Tracy's mini albums she has made. have fun filling it up.

  9. Tracy's work is amazing! I love all the detail! So glad you are able to enjoy it! :-)