Friday, November 4, 2011

Jefferson City

Yea Friday!  I'm so excited it's the weekend!  Yesterday really threw me off with the field trip.  KATIE wished me a happy weekend eve and I told her I had completely forgotten it was Thursday!  I've been all thrown off this week for some reason.  One thing I do know, today is Friday! 

The kids had a great time yesterday and so did Mike and I.  We were able to follow the buses down in our own vehicle, so it was almost like a mini date!  Two and half hours alone in the car with NO KIDS!  I don't have anything crafty to share today, just a few pics from the field trip.  So if you are a history buff, stick around.  BUT, there is a funny pic at the end...

Here's a picture of the kids, listening intently, to the tour guide.  This room had a mural that was painted my Thomas Hart Benton, a famous Missourian and painter.  The mural was a social history of Missouri and it is way cool.  You could spend hours in that room looking at it.  This mural was one of the things I remembered from my trip to Jeff City when I was in school.

Here's a closer picture of the mural.  Benton has a very distinctive painting style, as you can see :)  The tour guide said he painted this with egg paints.  So he mixed his paints with egg yolks, in the summer, in Missouri.  She said it got up to 110 degrees that summer, can you imagine the smell?

Over one of the doors Benton painted the goings on in St. Louis and Kansas City at that time (1937).  This is the picture of St. Louis.

And this is Kansas City.  I really like this one, but that's because this is where we live :)

Here is the House of Representatives.  I guess this is where the magic happens. 

I was more impressed with the stained glass windows and artwork :)  Check that puppy out!!!!  Massive!

Okay, now for the funny picture.  Have you guys heard of the show Truck Stop Missouri?  (Please don't judge Missourians on this show :) haha)  It's a reality TV show about Midway Truck Stop, which is located halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis on I-70.  Well we had never heard of it before, until the show came out this summer.  So on our way back today, we stopped and they had these cardboard cutouts of the owner and the assistant manager.  Abie and I got our picture taken with them.  Look how tall she is, 9 years old!  Oh, and I'll tell you this, if you're ever in Missouri, don't waste your time going to Midway :)  Haha!

If you're still with me, thanks for checking out my pictures.  Mike won tickets to the Comets game tonight, so the four of us will be enjoying a FREE indoor soccer game!  Woot woot!!  Tomorrow Abie has her two birthday parties and I think we're going to do something special with Landry.  Sunday, well, football and crafting :)

What's on your weekend agenda?  Lots of crafting I hope!  Thanks for stopping in today.  Have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend!  I'll see you soon!!


  1. what a fun field trip!

    hope you have a great (and crafty) weekend!

    guess what i just received? i tried the paper trey ink felt--of my -- i am totally addicted--i want every color now! hehehehehe-- i really have to stop looking on their website!

  2. Wow, that looks like such a fun day! And it would throw my week off, too, but in a good way!

  3. So fun that you guys got a "mini-date" out of the field trip! :) You have to grab them where you can these days, right? ;)

    I have lived in Missouri all my life and never heard of it. But it's not that truck stop in Kingdom City is it?

  4. Oh what a fun day. I love meandering through museums and looking at art. And trying to figure out what the heck these painters were thinking of when they put their brush to paper. Ha! Exercise in futility but still fun to look. Nothing major on my agenda this weekend. Just relaxing and spending as much time in the craft room as possible! Have a great weekend. :)

  5. Stunning stained glass, beautiful mural!
    Love the last photo :)
    Never have heard of the show. But truck stop got my attention, they serve great food at truck stops ;)

  6. I do what I can :)

    This looks like such a great field trip, and its so wonderful that you guys got a mini date too! That last picture is too funny, I haven't seen the show, but I do see the commercials for it!

    I hope you guys had a great time this weekend, winning tickets to a game is so much fun!