Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still feeling like Halloween...

Good morning!  You know how I told you I had a few Halloweeny things to share with you the next couple of days?  Well today I have another tag.

This one I used more of last years Halloween paper.  All I bought was one paper pack, you know the ones with like six sheets of paper, some stickers and a page of punch out borders?  I still have TONS of paper left over.  I always love the Halloween stuff, but never seem to use any of it.  Maybe that's why this year I'm feeling in the Halloween mood...guilt!  Haha!  Anyway, the other cool thing I used was that Martha Stewart spiderweb tag.  I picked mine up at Two Peas, but I saw Tracy bought some on her US-shop-stravaganza at Joann's ;)  They are super, SUPER cute! 

Quicky post today, sorry about that.  Thanks for coming by on this BEAUTIFUL Thursday my friends and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. What a fun tag.
    I too love to make Halloween stuff and buy paper and such, but don't seem to use it.?
    I like that you added pattern paper to the middle of your MS web tag. I coloured mine in to match paper, but I like your idea. :)

  2. Great tag! I love that spiderweb doily! And I'm right there with you on having tons of extra. I have way more Halloween paper than I'll ever use but when it's cute, you have to have it! :)

  3. What a great tag! I am definitely going to have left over Halloween paper after this year, I bought a paper pack too, and even though I am making tons of stuff, there will still be so much left over!