Monday, August 1, 2011


So do you ever have one of those weekends that just flies by and you wonder where the time went and just what exactly, if anything, you accomplished?  That was my weekend :)  We were so busy, but I couldn't tell you exactly what we did.

I do know that at some point my sister came over we worked on a project for her classroom.  She teaches second grade and has a new class pet this year.  Meet Franklin.

Franklin gets to travel home with a different student each week and at the end of the weekend, the student writes in Franklin's journal about all of their fun adventures.  My sister and I made the cover for Franklin's journal  and she's going to take it to school and laminate it.

Here's the cover.  Jennie picked up several different sheets of patterned paper and we both liked the map paper best, to represent him traveling from student to student.  You can't really tell from the picture, but it's matted on black cardstock.

Did you have a busy weekend?  I can hardly believe July is over and today is the first of August.  We're preparing for school now and enjoying Abie's last days of summer vacation.  She is really excited for school to start back up though.  Have a great Monday everyone and I'll see back here tomorrow!


  1. My weekend was also a blur. Love the journal cover. My nephew's school does this as well and the kids love it. Such a great way to get kids excited about writing.

  2. That sounds like an awesome project. Franklin looks like a fun friend to have lots of adventures with. :) My parents were visiting this weekend so it went by extra fast. Happy Monday!

  3. I had an awesome weekend. But I don't think I sat on my arse that much in my life time. lol.
    My SIL is not a very active person, teehee.

    I think that is such a fun idea for your sister's class. My daughters did this in grade one. Franklin's journal is perfect.

  4. So cute! We had Clifford last year in first grade and one other first grade year we had Curious George. Fun times!