Friday, June 17, 2011

Banner Week, Day 5

Happy Friday everyone!  Here we are at the end of banner week.  Are you a little sad?  Haha!  I wanted to show you the last two banners I made. 

For this banner, Leah wanted just a tiny bit of embellishing.  I repeated three leaves, in different directions, and embellished the center of each one in a different way.

For this banner, Leah wanted a bit more more embellishing.  I cut out a bunch of different images from my Storybook cartridge, sprinkled glitter on some, added buttons, ribbon, pins, flowers and brads.  I added a little bit to each letter until I was satisfied with the way they looked.  This was the fun part for me!

Well that wraps up banner week for me.  Thanks for hanging out with me this week and checking out my banner making process :)

Do you have big plans this weekend?  It's a girls weekend here.  Mike is going to the lake for a bachelor party with our neighbor, the one who I made the banners for.  Not sure yet what the girls and I will do, but we'll make the most of it I'm sure.  Then on Sunday, Mike will be home and I'll head over to see my dad for a bit for Father's Day. 

Have a fabulous Friday my friends and I'll chat with you later!!


  1. I love your banners! What talent!:-) Have fun with your girls!

  2. Love the embellies! Great idea to have a gifts banner!

  3. I love banners!!! Nice work on these (I looked at the others too) - clean and simple, the best kind!

  4. Gorgeous banners Becky! I was just thinking last night that I want to make one for my room :0) I'm going to have to look through yours for some inspiration! I've never made one before but yours are really pretty! It will have to be Tinkerbell of course :0) Hugs!!!!

  5. Love how the final banner turned out. The button with the pins accent is awesome. Have a great weekend!

  6. The banners turned out great! Love those little finishing touches you added!

  7. very very very nicely done.. ilove them. thanks for sharing....have a Blessed weekend

  8. Love your banners, they are so pretty.
    Your embellishments are beautiful.
    Enjoy your girls weekend ;)

  9. Your banners turned out awesome! I've never made one...hmm, I'll have to put that on my list of to-do's!!

    Have a great weekend!