Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Part II

Good morning all!  We had quite the active afternoon/evening yesterday.  I got a call from Abie's school, you know the one we all dread, that she had fallen off the equipment, aptly named The Green Monster, and couldn't move her arm.  I took her to the ER and our worst fears were confirmed, she had broken her arm.  It's broken about an inch below her shoulder on her right arm.  She was quite the trooper in the ER, not complaining, really hanging in there until the Tylenol kicked in.  Because of where it's broken, they won't cast it, she'll just be in a splint.  We have an appointment today with the Ortho doctor so we'll know more.  Mike said, "we had a pretty good run.  Nine years without a broken bone!"  :)

For today, I wanted to share the gift tag I made for Abie's teacher.  I stamped onto the yellow wood grain patterned paper from Basic Grey's Life of the Party.  Loving how happy this yellow paper is!

I had Abie sign her name to the tag before she gave it to the teacher, just to finish it off.  The yellow really stood out against the Kraft wrapping paper!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by today!


  1. oh i am so sorry about abie's arm. what a little trooper.

    i love your tag! i am using the basic grey paper right now as well. Great job!!!!!

    hope you have a better day today!

    you are soooo bad for

  2. my post did something wonky--

    you are so bad for me--i have seen you use those mini close pins--where did you get them?

  3. I love the tag. It is very cool. So sorry to hear about Abie's arm. Good luck at the ortho.

  4. Ah, poor kid! I am happy to report that I never did break a limb...but my brother was in the ER with a broken body part at least once a year. Hope it's the only one she gets! Cute tag. I'm going to admit that I bought several sheets of that paper just to have the woodgrain in colors on the reverse side. :) Love the doily too.

  5. Adorable tag...and I am so sorry to hear about your little one. Sending her wishes for a quick recovery.

  6. Such a cute tag! I'm totally addicted to doilies right now. :)

    Sorry to hear about Abie's injury! It seems like she's taking it pretty well though. Hopefully she'll recover quickly.

  7. Really cute tag! So sorry about your daughter. Hope she heals quickly:)

  8. Oh that is so cute. Love the little clothespin and the woodgrain stamping.

  9. Awww your poor baby :(
    Your hubby is a glass is half full type of guy :)
    Your tag is so pretty. Love all the dies (or punches) you used.

  10. Poor thing! I'm going to knock on wood right now...we have gone 15 and a half years without a broken bone. Well, besides a toe anyway. Great tag, love the yellow too! Hugs for you and Abie!