Friday, May 6, 2011

Kids and Moms

I have a non-traditional post today.  Non-traditional for me anyway.  I typically post crafty stuff here and while there is a bit of craft in this post, it's not the type of craft you may be use to here.  I wanted to share a picture of Abie from Tuesday, in the Emergency Room.  She only cried once while we were there...and yes, I snapped a picture.

I don't think she was crying so much from the pain as she was from being overwhelmed by the situation.  Can you see all the wood chips on the bed behind her?  Her back was covered in them from falling...

I emailed the teacher Thursday to check on her and she said she had to keep telling Abie to not do so much.  She was so pleased with her positive attitude about wearing the splint!  This just made Mike and I smile, as her parents.  The next pictures are of Abie, working on her homework last night...

She has to take the wrist support off periodically throughout the day to keep her elbow from locking up. What better time than homework time to take it off?  :)

Bless her heart, she's up on her knees so she can reach the table and her homework.  The thing is, she NEVER once complained.  What a kid!

When she went back to school, all the kids had made cards for her.  This is the crafty party of the post!

I love how colorful all the cards are, the artwork and how sweet the kids were in their sentiments.  These are third, almost fourth, graders and they were just so so sweet!  Oh, Abie LOVES ranch dressing and I think every single card mentioned something about her obsession with ranch! 

As a parent you go through your day to day life thinking you know your kids and then something like this happens and you realize there's this whole other side to them that you didn't know was there.  In this case it's an amazing side that I'm so proud of.  I made sure to tell Abie last night that I was proud to be her mom :)  What an awesome revelation to have the week before Mother's Day huh?  A pretty good present to me I would say!  Haha!

I apologize for my crafty interruption and we'll be back to regularly scheduled programing next week.  I hope all of you moms have a fantastic weekend and if you're not a mom I hope you're able to spend time with your mom for a bit this weekend!  Thanks for listening today!


  1. what a fantastic post!

    looks like you have an amazing daughter!

  2. Awesome story Becky! I totally agree about the parts of our children we don't know unless someone from the outside brings it to our attention. I have had this happen several times and it does make you feel so proud inside. Granite, mine were not from an accident :0)Sounds like you have a wonderful daughter! There is nothing better in this world than being a MOM! Have the Happiest Mother's Day Sweetie! Hugs!!!!

  3. Very sweet! She sounds like a great kid.

  4. I think I'd be crying from the overwhelm too...can't blame her. I absolutely love the cards from her classmates. That is just so cool. I saved some valentines from my own 6th grade class and whenever I come across them, I get such a kick out of it. Kid are just too cute in what they say. You need to save these for Abie! Happy Mother's day. Hope you get some sunshine! :)

  5. Awww your poor baby. Hope she doesn't see the 1st photo you posted, teehee.
    What a trooper she is.
    What thoughtful kids to make those cards. I almost teared up at the one who cried for her on the bus ride home.
    You have every right to be a proud mommy :)
    Enjoy you day this Sunday :)