Friday, March 25, 2011

Royals Mini Book

Can you believe it's already Friday?  Well, I got the pictures taken of my mini book taken.  I have to tell you I must have been on a clean and simple kick this week because this mini is super simple too.  There was a reason for it though, the pictures were so good, I really didn't want to embellish over them too much.  I got the idea for the album HERE and just fell in love with how easy it was.  I have visions of making a ton of these things with the same basic layout!  It was so easy!
Here is my cover, and I didn't realize it until after I took the picture, but you can't even see all my cute tabs.  That was the whole point of taking the pic vertically... 
Here are the first two pages.  This gives you a better shot of the tabs :)  I adhered pictures to each of the envelopes by just putting adhesive on three of the sides.

All of my journaling is on this one card, front and back.  Not too bad for a wordy gurdy like me!

Here's a side view of the book with the envelopes.
Here's one of the tabs with a picture on it.  I just adhered the picture to a piece of cardstock measuring 5 1/2 x 3 and sandwiched the tab between it.
On the other side I placed a second picture, maximizing my space in my envelopes!

Here's my back cover, again no embellishments.  Just kept this really simple, especially for me.  I set a new goal for myself this week.  I'm going to get caught up on my layouts and finish up our Minnesota vacation album.  (now that it's in black and white I guess I really have to do it huh?)  My motivation for this you ask?  I'm not going to buy ANY new product until all of that is done!  Think I can do it?  :)

I hope you have a good weekend.  I need to stay in and get some layouts done!  Thanks for stopping by today friends!


  1. great mini album. I love the clean and simple look.

    good luck this weekend on getting things done. i am the same way. I have to buckle down and get them done!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Love your mini album with the hidden journaling. It turned out great! I need to work on some layouts for my sister's album this weekend too but they take me so much longer than cards but I am so close to being finished. Hoping to get it done by Sunday night.

  3. Cute album, good goal! Yes, it can be great motivation to get it finished because not actually buying any new product is excruciating!!! But I've been known to curb my spending too:)

  4. Nice book! It's nice to go for the clean and simple look sometimes. Good luck on your goal!

  5. What a fun mini. I need to try this one.
    Love that you took the clean and simple approach to this mini. Lots of times we don't need all bells and whistles.
    Looks great Becky.

  6. I love the mini and I love the clean and simplicity of it. I hope you reach your goal.. hehe

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Awesome, love the clean and simple! Have a great crafty weekend!

  8. Very cool album! I love the envelope pockets. That's a great goal - not to use anything new until you finish a project. I'm all about using the stash....but I'm not sure I have that kind of will power. Good luck! :) Have a good weekend.

  9. No need to apologize for the album being simple, I love it that way! Good luck using your stash. There's so much new stuff out there, I haven't been able to resist. Now, I need to use it!

  10. Cute mini, the tabs are cute and I love the pictures! Looks like a fun time. Good luck on getting caught up, the no spending would certainly be motivation! :)

  11. Fantastic mini! Love the tabs.