Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Morning all!  Do you have Parents as Teachers where you live?  We signed up before Abie was born and Laurel, our Parent Educator, was with us through both girls.  It was so sad when she came for her last visit last spring.  We still see her around town, and she also runs the before and after school program for the school district but it's not the same as the home visits.

This is the layout I did with some pics I took of the girls with Laurel.  Abie was too old for the activities that Laurel had brought for Landry but she would still bring little gifts for her and things.  Abie would still hang out too and help during the home visits.

The embellishments for this layout were in my odds and ends tray.  I just flipped through it until I found some stuff that worked.  I scrunched up the butterfly and added some ink to it to distress it a bit.

I was hoping to get a couple of layouts for Abie started last night and it just didn't happen, the night got away from me.  There's always tonight right?  :)  I hope you have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by today!


  1. Never hear of PAT-sounds like a great program.

    great layout! i just love butterflies

  2. Still on a layout roll, I see! :) Love this layout = I do this too. Just pull a bin full of embellishments and put stuff on til I find something that works. So easy. Hope you get your crafting time in tonight.

  3. Great layout! I am not familiar with the program but it sounds like a great idea.

  4. Aww, that sounds really neat. We don't have that kind of program here. My sons see a lot of their old teachers because I had become friends with most of them and I also do daycare for one right now :0) Hope you stay on track with your layouts!

  5. I haven't heard of this before. I was a parent volunteer at the school. I would go into my daughters classes and take the kids out to do one on one reading and math skills. But never in the home.
    Sweet layout. Cute journaling block.

  6. This is a cool idea. I had a birth to three para educator for my oldest who is high functioning autistic, but not a drop in person for the other too. You were lucky. Love the scrunchy butterfly btw! ...and no, this is not the memorabilia week you are looking for... LOL!