Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a major award!

Name that movie!  Haha!  Tracy over at Tracy's Treasures gifted me this fabulous award the other day!  She is a super cool blogger, really funny, nice, makes amazing mini books and is just...GREAT!  Go check her out if you get a chance.
Now with this award, I have to let you know eight things about myself.  So here they are...

1.  Spring is my most favorite of all the seasons.
2.  I put my husband before my children.
3.  I love rap music.
4.  I learned to drive on a stick.
5.  I love sushi.
6.  When I start reading a book, I usually finish it within a day or two, neglecting EVERYTHING until said        book is finished.
7.  I don't like change.
8.  I LOVE my Keurig machine and couldn't get through a day without it.

Now I'm supposed to pass this award on to eight blogs.  The problem is, a lot of the blogs I want to pass it on to have already gotten it so I don't quite have eight.  I'll do my best.





  1. Congrats for the award Becky! It's nice to know little things about people you make "friends" with here on the internet :0)

  2. Awww what a sweet write up about me/my blog, thanks.
    Ok now for the million dollar favourite Christmas movie ever.....The Christmas Story :)
    Love to learn more about you. I enjoy learning about all my blogging friends. Just shows I'm not the only whacko out there, teehee.

  3. And by the way, I have an award back at you on my blog if you want it :0) Hugs!!!

  4. Right away I thought, What a clever title, right from A Christmas Story! One of our favorite movies. Congrats on the award, well-deserved!

  5. You are so sweet! Thank you! And I love to read, too. :)


  6. awww thanks for thinking of me made my heart smile. :)