Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspiring words

Good morning!  Did you have a fantastic weekend?  We sure did, busy, but fantastic none the less!  I've seen lots of Subway Wall Art around the Internet and in decorating lately and have wanted to make my own.  I just wasn't sure what words or theme I would use.  I recently read a book and it had the following words in it:  Joy, Hope, Passion, Enthusiastic, Excitement, Satisfaction, Gratitude and Love.  After looking at that page, it just really made me smile and I thought those are the words I'll use for my subway art!  They were just so inspiring.  I brought home a picture from my office, that I wasn't particularly fond of anymore...
And turned it in to this!  It's not exactly the subway art I had in mind, but I had to work with the fonts I had on hand.  The frame is only 8x10 so not all of the long words would fit.  I'm going to take this back to work today and put it on my bookshelf and I know I'll feel inspired ALL DAY LONG!  :)

What's inspiring you today?

We're supposed to get some serious snow today.  Serious by our standards, 10".  I'm sure Tracy is laughing at this right now.  I'm sort of hoping for a snow day tomorrow so I can get some more organizing done in my craft room.  Thanks for stopping by today on my inspired Monday!!


  1. what a fun idea!-- we are also supposed to get the snow but not that much just 4 inches--

  2. Great project and great words!

  3. Love your subway art! That is such a neat idea! My kids are bumming. The 10 inches of snow we were supposed to get here near Seattle is now changing to 1-2 inches of rain (or at least until the weather guy shakes his magic 8-Ball again! LOL)

  4. the subway art, and the inspirational words!!! Also, the flower headband, way cute!! Good luck with the snow...I'm a complete desert rat and think any amount is too much...yeah I'm a wuss!!! ;)

  5. Love your subway art! Great idea and I love your frame too. We only got about 3.5 inches of snow here, but enough for a snow day.

  6. Your art is just beautiful and inspiring. I love it.
    10" thats quite a bit. Ohhh I love snow days.
    Oh I"m thinking of doing a video of washing the toilet and changing the loo roll, I wonder how many hits I'd on that one, LOL
    You are to funny.

  7. Love your subway art - inspiring words! Hope you get your snow day!